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  1. Well, crap, now they're sideways
  2. I'm gonna blame the phone on this one, but I think everyone knows it is user error
  3. So picked up two new cabintop winches when they were 2 for 1 at WM. I got them mounted and they are constantly overriding. They are the same size as the old ones but I think they are a different height. In the photos the one mounted on the mast is the old one and the one on the deck is the new one. I think I need to raise the clutches or winch, just don't know which?
  4. I haven't has any problems with the ws320. I live in Oregon and sail year round. So far there i haven't had an dead battery or connection issues. I have it feeding a Triton2.
  5. Our Ranger 26, painted with grayish grey platinum EzPoxy.
  6. Every time I peruse this thread I'm reminded of the crazy hot matrix.
  7. There are a couple demo videos on youtube showing someone running layer upon layer of denim, then vinyl, then silk, one after another without adjusting tension or anything and the stitches come out looking perfect. We are going to try and replicate them this weekend. Also, once she sized up the needle she was able to use the automatic threader with the v92. Its quite a machine, but for the price it better be :)
  8. So today she ran some v92 thru the machine. It won't do the automatic threader but it worked. That's probably as big as you'd want to run through this machine.
  9. She ran v69 thru it at the shop and they said it could run a heavier upholstery thread but I don't remember what it was. The v69 worked easily if that helps.
  10. While this machine does a ton of stuff, I imagine a specialty machine is probably the best way to go. What my wife has found is that the supplied manual doesn't quite have everything in it. It covers the auto modes pretty well, but not so much about all the things you can do in manual. She hasn't dug into the DVD yet.. There is a suplimental book out there that seems to be recommended and it runs about 75 bucks. I think her exact words were "there is a serious learning curve with this machine".
  11. I would agree 100% . When my wife got it she wanted a "do all" machine, but I don't think bar tacks were in her definition of "do all" We just got power back on (it was down for 2 days) and she was hoping to play with it all weekend, but that wasn't in the cards.
  12. It can do a bar tacks, but not one that I would hang my life on. I imagine that tacks that are done to that high of a caliber would take a somewhat specialized machine, especially if you were doing it commercially.
  13. I'm not sure what the max is. She took V-69 with her when she did a test drive with a machine at the shop. I am sure it is in the user guide somewhere, but the manual is giant! It came with a big spiral-bound user manual, a DVD, and pc programming software ( I think for fancy stitches) as well as 2 years of lessons. She has made her own clothes for years on an old machine and has said it's going to be a while before I see the companionway cover I was hoping for before this winter. I am certainly not an expert at this but this probably isn't the machine if you are planning on just doing
  14. The wife has been looking at machines for quite a while. She sews a ton and only maybe 10% of it would be considered heavy duty. She has used a White Jeans Machine for probably 20 years. It held its own pretty well against multiple layers of sunbrella and about 4 layers of denim. Its finally started to crap out and we agreed that she should get the one machine that would do everything she imagined wanting to do. Today, this followed her home. It looks like you might need a PhD to run it but she's quite excited. Its a Janome M7 Continental Professional. She already ran some silk thru it,
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