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  1. Cannot believe nobody has mentioned Go Fast, Go North. Great movie IMHO. Can be found on amazon and youtube.
  2. https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/boa/d/satellite-beach-lindenberg-28-for-sale/6999357980.html Lindenberg 28 for sale In melbourne FL Ex Mouse when I sailed on her. Not my boat, won't by an ad.
  3. A CM built Farr 395 started to break in half leaving jamacia after the pineapple cup this year. I would not touch a CM boat with a 10 foot pole.
  4. Got our boat to 19KTS boat speed then the instruments crapped out. Holy Toledo achieved some insane number in the miami to havana race, 26KTS i believe.
  5. the R/W/B is a S5 1.5 oz, we wanted it to cut power for the higher end. It has very narrow shoulders.
  6. Hobie 33, photo was right side up when i posted on mobile.
  7. That’s a nice chute, I have another one like it as well.
  8. This better for ya? Big pink at 19 kts offshore in Maine.
  9. Loaned out one of my thistles, they hit a Sea Gull
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