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  1. The S2 9.1  is located in La Salle, MI. With a triad so it can go anywhere. Condition is such that you could eat off any surface in the boat, it is immaculate. Feel free to send me a PM

  2. On 10/10/2018 at 4:59 PM, -Dino said:

    What kind of speeds are these boats capable of upwind and downwind ??

    Got our boat to 19KTS boat speed then the instruments crapped out. Holy Toledo achieved some insane number in the miami to havana race, 26KTS i believe.

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  3. Attention owners, crew, anyone at all. I would like to get a gauge on who had/has what Hobie 33, with the intent of starting a hull directory. If you owned, sailed on, or sailed against a Hobie 33, could you share the boats information? A hull directory would let sailors track boats they have sailed on or find boats local to them. 

    Specifically looking for-Hull Number, Serial Number, Boat Name, Sail Number, City, State, Country, and Yacht Club.


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