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  1. Grifters gotta be griftin', right? Those allegations of "substantial irregularities" are GOLD I tell ya! GOLD! And they can play up the victimhood brand for YEARS after this. I gotta hand it to the Trump Organization (tm), they sure know how to con people.
  2. That's not really all that many MAGATs. Probably fit in a 5 gallon bucket.
  3. I weep for dumbasses like you. 58.5 million idiots and counting. That right there is just fucking sad.
  4. What this country needs is an external enemy. Like Russia, or invading aliens or something. This would provide the outlet of butthurt that would allow the kind of people who support Trump to maintain their victimhood and paranoia, without ripping this country to pieces. Like small children everywhere, you need something to divert their attention or they go nuts.
  5. They could just test the sewage. That would be enlightening/alarming/disgusting.
  6. What's scary is that it really is Jared and/or Ivanka
  7. I'm pissed. The American people should not be cheated of justice like this. While I worry about Nov 4 until the inauguration I wanna see the fucker on trial.
  8. I don't think you want a citation. You probably want to quibble about what "enablers" means or some such. Anything to deny what is bloody obvious to everyone. But hey, this just came out... not that you would read it. A Far-Right Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/right-wing-militias-civil-war/616473/
  9. Pretty convinced it was the usual diarrheic nonsense but the net effect is what matters. They took it that way and their local, state, and federal LE enablers are happy to enable.
  10. Only one simple question because all others are pointless... Why is just about everything you say a complete lie, by which I mean provable falsehood, for example how many floors are in Trump Tower?
  11. This is going to cost us, the taxpayers, millions. Because the census will be invalidated. We're gonna have to do it over again. Yawn... just another thing Donald fucked up.
  12. Trump is scared. He's demanding Biden get a drug test before the debate. He needs to have an excuse for backing out or a 'reason' why he gets utterly crushed. Trump, like most cowardly bullies (is that redundant?) is nothing if not predictable.
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