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  1. It would be great to chat about the Cape 31s off the forums. 

  2. The rules will get fine tuned by the first 6 US owners. You will have more say if you commit to an early build slot. The current rules are based on what the UK is doing but we need what works here so there may be some small differences.
  3. All new boats cost more than used ones. Hey same for cars too. We are establishing a Pro limit and have a great team together that knows how important it is to keep the rules strict to make sure there is a level playing field. We hope you can pick up a Cape31 for less in 4-5 years and plan to still be building new ones too. It’s our jobs to make this great boat also a great class. Its about the people as much as the boat and we plan to make that happen.
  4. Thanks. Dave Swete has set up a great schedule for the Caribbean and we are lining up a great US Circuit too. He has done a great job and Sail22 will help execute it. Any North American owners should check out the Cape31us.com website and send an email to be included in the first boats.
  5. You can now go check out cape31us.com for more information. Feel free to email me as well at ed@sail22.com We are setting up a Zoom call for any potential owners.
  6. Keep your Vakaros. If you want speedo they are working on that option with the Airmar Smart sensor which is bluetooth. They have made it work. Now just working out what is needed to update the hardware after they are happy with testing.
  7. The Vakaros Atlas is small and had compass and GPS speed plus heel and much more.
  8. I think we have two in stock. Shoot me an email - info@sail22.com
  9. https://www.rssailing.com/2020-rs21-north-american-championships/
  10. There are many things wrong with the new set up but long hours might be the biggest. For example of something that works. My wife has a wedding show on Sunday from noon to 4pm. She is exhibiting so plans to be there from 11:00 until 5pm tops. She went to a show last weekend that was similar and we are hosting a Wedding Expo in our Boat Barn from 1pm until 4pm. We are shortening by an hour this year from last.
  11. We will be there to coach and give our secrets out. The boats are easy to sail. We have fixed the forestay in the class rules to enhance the simplicity of the boats. Sails will all be even too.
  12. Sarasota YC is where we have 7 RS21's. Launching there too. Great club and excited to be there. Let us know if you need anymore information. 6 of the 12 RS21's just arrived at Lakewood YC in Houston today too. Final 6 will be there in about 2 weeks.
  13. Even Clint approves of the RS21. What's not to like.
  14. JimBowie - Great to hear. That is the plan. There still might be a pro event thrown in here or there but that will be announced. Like the Charleston Race Week Pro-Am. But the goal is interclub challenges and Corinthian sailing. Making sure everyone has fun and comes out learning something and wanting to come back for more.
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