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  1. Doh! Thanks! I should have checked there first. I "just" need to rebuild and control the fairing close to the joint. I think the keel itself has the looked shape. I'll do 1-2 pieces that measure the keel and make sure it's okay.
  2. got a leaking joint and had to unscrew and drop the fat lady I removed tons of fairing. Now I would need a template to rebuild the shape. Any idea where to find template or spec to follow? I've inquery Compukeel but got no feedback.
  3. Interesting... anyone has pictures of such things?
  4. What do you mean by "add sister tabs" to the athwartships stringers? Double the thickness of each of the 10 or so stringers? Or just the ones over the sump (4 I think)?
  5. Yeah, I know, my English is as bad as my previous keel joint!... The picture with washers is the aft bolt, the one with corrosion (previous post). The black around the bolt seems to be the same black on the bolt that I mentioned in my previous post. The next picture is the penultimate bolt, the one with the cracks. Last fall I took off the wood floor and clean all the mess (the other picture). We can see at least one crack goes in the glass. It seems that all the rust stains come from the aft bolt. With all the stains, I suspected to find more corrosion on bolts. For sure
  6. Got down the fat ass today. Not the toughest job, but not easiest. As told, I unscrewed nuts and raised the boat with the trealer's pads, about 1” in probably 10 or 12 minutes. Without wedge in hands, I used three axes. It starts cracking just after 10-15 shots … but finally took two hours during which I ruminated your sentence Gouvernail:“…with increasing violence…”.Today was the peak. Earlier this week I spent 4 hours with the oscillating tool to cut through the joint, from both side between the 4 aft bolts. So… I found a bit I thought I would see. The aft bol
  7. Thanks guys for your input. I looked somes of your others posts on the subject... interesting! Yeah, my plan is to lower that bastard on the trailer by raising the boat with the pads. So far I work slowly, a little bit with a wood scisor and a lot with a osciating tool... That one work great. At the end I will have to use the wedges approach. For anyone that may search for the joint on such bathtube, mine was 9.5" bellow the hull at the middle of the keel. Higher in aft, lower in front. First I found out that the fairing was more thick than I though. More I dug, more sh
  8. J/29 FROB, Hull #292, 1987. Wet as a J/29, clean as a well-maintained boat as much as I know & can say. I Found her in the Buzzards Bay, years ago. I did many upgrades & works and so far so good. When I got the boat , there was rusty stains in the bilge and around the two aft bolt. There were also 2 cracks around the penultimate bolt. Since then, it's never grown nor got another crack even with our freezing winters. I can now keep bilge dry. No water from outside come inside since I have it. The keel joint seems okay but I recently found a kind of hollow spot (Delamination in a
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