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  1. Any chance you following this like AC?
  2. Few points I took away from today: Clearly nobody gives a fuck about the rules any more. We're on the second day of the season and I just watched Spain try to part a 10m beam cat in a laser sized gap on the pin end. It's fun and games now, but this really does seem dangerous to me. Pitchpoling at 20kts in a skiff is enough, this is just insane. Pete's a cunt. Lead change was exciting, whether you like it or not. Commentators a cunt. I'd love to know what Ben learned overnight.
  3. I mean, it's just not a very good broadcast is it? Take 10% off the budget of the boats, get some actual commentators in there, and some sailing consultants who know what info we want to see. I love sailing, and watching sailing, and even I skipped through some of the beats.
  4. Yeah 100% ram pushing through the hull on touchdown IMO
  5. Started my own business, now I pay people to do my homework for me.
  6. I stopped following the dev thread about a year ago, what do we think these booms look like? 1 articulated joint in the middle?
  7. Looks just like they had too much lift through the gybe
  8. This is absolutely braindead. Stop this.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/AlexThomsonRacing/posts/5333771043303571?__cft__[0]=AZXllXW6WicXqNribhzDUSAnOc3cK3nIsEvifNFlIP__74g0CgHIFgQBnLsRvYJilV5UTaY2N5uxz-TSF8Yj4lcsH6py9_TLt9m13BBF49P-aBWLjZDlbGscph_HaZvIUUn59LEwa7cyKXLYqPpnmZLvllUHEtcGlWUDT2qhI_Q-Hg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R TEAM STATEMENT
  10. If, hypothetically, I wrote a script that used you marine traffic premium subscription to take a screenshot of the Vendée fleet and put it online every 30 mins, would that be acceptable?
  11. Any news if we're going to get https://tracker.ee/ this go around?
  12. Na, 360 camera and then rotated after the fact, or something like dji osmo with a remote control on a nearby tender. No way you'd be able to choreograph this.
  13. https://yachts.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/whitbread-30/590115 raced against May Contain Nuts for a few years. Great little boat, they've completed many fastnets crewed and singlehanded
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