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  1. They could barely lay the left gate coming in on the right hand layline. Whats the point in showing these things if they can't do it properly?
  2. Any chance you following this like AC?
  3. Few points I took away from today: Clearly nobody gives a fuck about the rules any more. We're on the second day of the season and I just watched Spain try to part a 10m beam cat in a laser sized gap on the pin end. It's fun and games now, but this really does seem dangerous to me. Pitchpoling at 20kts in a skiff is enough, this is just insane. Pete's a cunt. Lead change was exciting, whether you like it or not. Commentators a cunt. I'd love to know what Ben learned overnight.
  4. I mean, it's just not a very good broadcast is it? Take 10% off the budget of the boats, get some actual commentators in there, and some sailing consultants who know what info we want to see. I love sailing, and watching sailing, and even I skipped through some of the beats.
  5. Yeah 100% ram pushing through the hull on touchdown IMO
  6. Started my own business, now I pay people to do my homework for me.
  7. I stopped following the dev thread about a year ago, what do we think these booms look like? 1 articulated joint in the middle?
  8. Looks just like they had too much lift through the gybe
  9. This is absolutely braindead. Stop this.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/AlexThomsonRacing/posts/5333771043303571?__cft__[0]=AZXllXW6WicXqNribhzDUSAnOc3cK3nIsEvifNFlIP__74g0CgHIFgQBnLsRvYJilV5UTaY2N5uxz-TSF8Yj4lcsH6py9_TLt9m13BBF49P-aBWLjZDlbGscph_HaZvIUUn59LEwa7cyKXLYqPpnmZLvllUHEtcGlWUDT2qhI_Q-Hg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R TEAM STATEMENT
  11. If, hypothetically, I wrote a script that used you marine traffic premium subscription to take a screenshot of the Vendée fleet and put it online every 30 mins, would that be acceptable?
  12. Any news if we're going to get https://tracker.ee/ this go around?
  13. Na, 360 camera and then rotated after the fact, or something like dji osmo with a remote control on a nearby tender. No way you'd be able to choreograph this.
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