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  1. OK so call me a dumb yank, but with such a pretty boat, and no one mentioning her name, I took the long way round to figuring it out including reading about Arch Logan. Doh! It's Iorangi, and the poster is the owner apparently.... found a couple of nice close up photos - hope the photographer copyright owner doesn't mind my repost...
  2. This: http://schooner-britannia.com/squaresail.html or see Good Old Boat magazine, Nov/Dec 2015. Roller furling square rigged sail system engineered by Roger Hughes for his 45 foot (13.7m) 1977 Down East staysail schooner BRITANNIA, converted from a ketch. Not cheap ($4k not including a lot of labor and engineering) but I would argue it is easy to handle. ~225 sq ft with 20 ft head, 14 ft foot, 19 ft drop. Hughes used a 22 ft section of aluminum mast designed for in-mast furling, added a spin pole end gooseneck for a mast mount, and used a rope winch driver which normally turns the
  3. Russell, I have no direct knowledge of the Farrier Trailertri 720 aka TT-720, but there is a short reference to the boat at the Farrier web site in their Used Boat guide that was apparently written by Ian Farrier in 2013. Not very informative unfortunately. Also note that original plans are available from Farrier if needed. https://www.f-boat.com/pdf/UsedBoats.pdf USED BOATS AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR June 18th, 2013 ... Trailertri 18, 680 and 720 These are the original Farrier folding trimarans, and have no significant weaknesses other than the possibility of r
  4. Okay so I count nine naysayers here who are excited to pee on Lehr circling the drain vs one who has actual experience. I used a Lehr 5hp on a 19 ft Alerion catboat for two summers - it was a couple years old when I bought the boat, and it pretty much just worked. No gasoline smell or mess, no carburetor fouling issues. The 5 lb tank under the stern deck overhang lasted for two months of slip to channel trips. IIRC, the 1 lb small camping canisters that screw in the top lasted about an hour at 1/2 throttle and it was easy to keep a couple stowed for emergency get home fuel. Un
  5. www.searchtempest.com Results are grouped by region. Click on the “View All” button to open separate tabs for all regions. Then easy to scan and close each tab. Works on PC and mobile browsers. Very addictive.
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