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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at the OpenWind for my A600 trimaran but I'm completely new to requiring any sort of instrumentation as previously I've only ever had a SpeedPuck on board! OpenWind seems to offer what I need in that it works with a rotating mast and is wireless so that is great. The OpenWind app and various others will display the data I want but I would prefer to not have to use a mobile phone for the display. I do keep one on board in a waterproof case (and in a waterproof bag!) but as they are generally pretty crap to view in direct sunlight (not that there always is
  2. I've just sold my Spitfire which has the same set up and when we first came to rig it we could not believe how hit or miss it was to get the jib to hook. The club just said "that is how it is". Mental. My wife was on the verge of saying sell it as it was so bloody annoying to get the jib sorted each time we out to sail it and several times we had to lay it on it's side so we could hook it on. A total pain the cock basically and got me really angry and her stressed before we went out. Never helpful. I then rigged this very simple 2mm line tied VERY tightly to the bottom of t
  3. I did look at using one of my wireless chargers but as you still need the cable to connect to the power source it makes no real difference. It was a bit annoying to keep the phone close to the charger plate as keeping it vertical to help with keeping any water out made it quite awkward. I tried strong elastic bands and it was kind of ok but then made taking it out of the bag annoying and meant I couldn't use the screen as the band interfered. If I could find a case that both would fit in very snugly it without the band it might be useful but don't find a real problem with the cu
  4. I've got a SPOTX B - the one with the keyboard and two way comms and it just pings away every 10 minutes and lasts a good 10 hours. Pings go off to the website for people to be able to track you and you can change the pings to every 30 mins or even an hour to massively extend the battery life. I'm just about to set mine up with a USB lead wired into my portable power bank which I'm guessing will give it a weeks worth of juice quite readily and keeping it in a watertight phone bag with the lead coming in through the bottom with loads of goop around the cable and I also put on some roo
  5. Thom, yes it is certainly a small market but with a lot more small trimaran sailing activity I am sure we can generate some interest here in the UK. People need to see what they can actually do and how easy they are to appreciate there is a great alternative to floating around at glacial speeds on mono's. If we can sell a one or two a year is fine by me - it will more than subsidise my hobby business! Also, that build price was for us in ply / glass / epoxy - it will be interesting to see what we can do when it comes to a foam / glass / epoxy version. I'll do a break down o
  6. I've sailed a Weta a couple of times and the main reasons I didn't go for it were it seemed a bit cramped for 2 people especially to carry overnight gear for longer trips and to sleep on I felt with 2 people (even with no gear) the performance really suffered so with gear as well I would think it would really struggle I know it is not really designed for that scenario and to me it appears the ideal small single hander. As I really wanted to retain good performance with either 2 people plus gear or easy single handing I needed to scale up a bit. However, the ease of tra
  7. mundt, Out of interest (and it will no doubt stir up a lot of passion amongst devotees), why is the Weta "vastly superior" to most of the boats on here? Most boats seem to suit some specific requirements and not other specific requirements.
  8. The Adventure 600 (previously Sting 600) unfortunately missed a connection in Malysia but thankfully avoided the suez fiasco and is currently sailing up the coast of Portugal to London. I should be on final testing / thrashing mid-late April here in the Solent in the UK. Plans for the Sport model (the non-foiling vesion) are available and will be live on the website once we have the boat functional here and put it live. Work is progressing on the Coastal Cruiser version which uses the same beams and floats just a different main hull so it is more like a Pulse or Astus 20.5.
  9. Many thanks Zonker - that is exactly what I was looking for. Now I know the correct term to search for, I've found several options of varying sizes that will do the job perfectly.
  10. Hi, I have some of these 600kg rollers https://www.force4.co.uk/item/Force-4/Inflatable-Boat-Roller/TG3 and would like to be able to use them as fenders as well so I need to attach some line to them, preferably at the ends. It will also make it easier when rolling up down the beach as they can be loosely clipped to the boat and not either float or blow away. My question is what will be the best glue to attach some nylon webbing with a D ring through it? Shouldn't be much force on them but I can then have them stored under the bench seats on the floats for easy dep
  11. Certainly will do. Just waiting for lockdown to end - I've got my first vaccination next Tuesday which is fantastic then the booster 12 weeks after. Cannot wait as I've been super careful for nearly 12 months now as I'm "clinically vulnerable". Can't wait to get back out on the water and just seeing people!
  12. Perhaps not entirely pertinent, but when moving my ISO trimaran test bed around I used my uncle's electric wheelchair much to the amusement of people at the harbour - several videos here: I did have a far more powerful scooter but unfortunately it got smashed up by a car driving into it and leaving it mangled. However, I have just ordered one of these kits with big fat tyres and winch motor: I'm knocking up a frame (kind of similar to this) and will see how we go: I can upgrade motor quite ea
  13. What about the Sting 600 by Len Surtees? An open day sailing 6m trimaran that can be easily trailered and sailed either as the standard Sport Version or upgraded to the foiling version. It has detachable bench seating for sitting up, out, high and comfortably adding righting moment but real comfort for older / less mobile sailors - I'm less mobile than I used to be. www.sting600.net He's 70+ and sailing it with mates the same age. I'm in the process of buying the Sting #1 and thetooling etc to take the Sport and Foiling projects forward under the banner Adventure Trima
  14. Oddly I just dropped them a line a few days ago and had reply yesterday from Tony saying "no more news".... Unfortunate that nothing is really happening quickly here so I'm losing interest and going to go down the Sting 600 route instead. I can be sailing in the early spring for sure then.
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