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  1. You mentioned that you checked with the J/40 owner's group. You might also want to check with the J/4x mailing list. Many J/40 owners hang out there.
  2. They aren't sold as "racing pads," but here's another option: https://standoutyachtfittings.com/product-category/lifeline-cushions/
  3. Good ideas. Or, you can do what I did: go to WalMart and buy an $80 microwave.
  4. +1. I imported a boat from Europe. Almost everything worked at 60 Hz. The only exception was the microwave.
  5. How about a removable bowsprit that fits in the roller?
  6. I could be wrong, but it's possible the furler didn't jam, it just ran out of furling line. That's easy to do when trying to furl a sail in a big wind. It furls very tight, requiring much more line to pull it all in. They could have tried again, this time while not pulling so hard on the sheets. Or, drop the sail.
  7. The B&G Zeus3 can bridge to WiFi. Don't know about the others.
  8. The only change in the 2022 PCERs that I am aware of is that AIS transponders (not just a receiver) will be required in 2022. Not too late to ask Santa!
  9. In the book Abbey's Road, the author Ed Abbey describes driving through the Australian Outback in a rental car. He manages to crack the engine pan, resulting in a seized engine. He has a tow truck haul the car out and, on the way, he and the driver get to drinking. An hour later, they stop to take a leak only to discover that they had been dragging the car on its side the last few miles, but hadn't noticed due to all the dust. Righting it, they eventually arrive at the Perth airport and push the mangled car into one of the slips of the rental car company. "How was your trip, Mr. Abbey?"
  10. A J/120? Here's a basic model for $99k: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1994/j-boats-j-120-3731134/
  11. It's a lucky dad that gets to share something like this with his son. It's a lucky son who gets to share it with his dad. Carry on!
  12. Everybody doesn't do this? After a tough offshore race, I frequently take up all the floorboards and cushions, drag a hose down below and rinse everything off, from headliner to lockers. Open the hatches and an hour or two later everything is dry. Just be careful around the nav station.
  13. +1. I wondered about that as well. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I always thought it was a feature that J/Boats have an all-composite shaft. Why add something that can corrode?
  14. These days, I don't row at all. Some people row out in the Columbia, but most of the time it's too damn windy. Hood River is not a great rowing venue.
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