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  1. The folks at West Coast Sailing told me they purchased a lot of the APS stuff and now sell the stuff APS did.
  2. I only sailed on one once but I did like the Express 34. I also like the Olson911 to add two older boats to your list.
  3. Blackfin is basically a half sister to Ondine III (Currently Atalanta). Atalanta is in very good hands and condition in Seattle. Blackfin was in the Philippines last I knew and having a hard time of it. Tropical Salt water and deferred maintenance are not good for aluminum boats.
  4. For your boat, 33 feet. Cross cut Dacron with three reef points. Metal head board, full battens or if you can not stand it full top two battens then long (50%) battens lower but really just do the full battens. In your application is is all about chafe and UV damage. For downwind look hard at chafe at the batten pockets and shrouds/ spreaders esp if swept back. Though this is more an annoyance then issue leading to failure. I would want really good corner patches, this is where Hasse or Schattauer sails are significantly different than brand x production sails but the extra hand work cost mone
  5. Russell, I think it is highly unlikely the Tylaska will fail in this application. However if you are willing to lay on your side a bit longer you could always make a soft shackle safety that is not loaded. I would likely do the one with the little pull string to open the loop as you do not want to fumble around too long at night on your side... You would need to remove the soft shackle then trip the Tylaska. I only had one Tylaska fail, it was on Atalanta the 62ton ketch with a really old sparcraft that was worn slightly rounded on the moving bit that holds the opening leg... Derek
  6. I have a long ways to go to get below 10 boats. If it helps the conversation, the RS 9 seems fairly close to the Tasar in less than 10 knots of wind.
  7. I have an idea, let the people involved work out what ever system works for them to split or not split the cost, labor & effort..... I am actually surprised more boats are not raced as syndicates or under a system where the crew charters a 'bare' boat from the owner
  8. dbottles

    rs aero

    So I sailed an RS Aero 9 last night in Seattle with wind light but a few decent puffs for a range of around 5-10 knots. Todd the owner of the Aero sailed my laser around to keep an eye on me and as a useful bench mark. Todd is likely a few pounds less than I am, I am around 190 LBS/ 87Kg. I was a lot faster on all points of sail but we all expected that. The RS Aero is very light, likely the lightest boat I have sailed yet more sail area than a Laser, Dyer 10, El Toro, Sunfish, Etc Etc Etc I have sailed a lot of boats. The rig is also more efficient. I was warned the boat was tippy but I
  9. Sounds like Round the County for the first race then! I should enter as there is sometimes a wait list. I can always take the J22 if Frances Lee is not done... Burr Cold and long at a rating of 201 in the J22. I only ran Atalanta aground once unexpectedly. Not that big a deal to draw 10.8 feet and I took her all over the Pacific.
  10. I am sure the boat will be plenty strong, Kim (dad) and I spent a little quality time together in the North Pacific one very dark night when it was blowing 70+. He has also seen me drive. With a hull speed well over the 8.3knts needed I hope 200 mile days are not a big effort. I personally have logged many days over 250 nm in the open ocean.
  11. For cars I would like to visit this one and drive a few: http://www.insideline.com/features/collection-of-a-lifetime.html Juha is a far more entertaining driver too...
  12. A few years back on the Mac race (a light air year) I found my self a very nice berth way in the back of the boat where no one would step on me. Much better than later in the race when I was sleeping in the spin when it started to get hoisted out the bow hatch. As you can tell from the photos it is important for me to investigate all the sleeping options. Bob I think we could forgo the mid boat cleats. A ring off the shroud could be clipped into for spring lines and keep the spring up high so it will not rub on the rail. It might be nice to have a hard point for sheeting the jib on a
  13. Grandma and Grandpa KimB took their International Dragon for multi-week cruises with one big air mattress and sleeping bags in their 70's so I think this boat will be plenty comfy. Last summer Pretty Wife and I cruised our J22 without instruments. We had a few days of major fog, I did the navigating with a stop watch and compass. Makes for good mental gymnastics. Again after the J22 I think Sliver no matter the interior will seem rather nice. I am getting all excited to take her around the islands seeing the photos of the planking progressing.
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