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  1. It is the Harken Battcar batten receptacle that is the problem with this system. Non-adjustable post on receptacle is stupidly long. Intermediate sliders are webbed on to match that length. I prefer installing the simpler Tides system. Harken's Captive ball bearings are not very captive from what I have seen. HTH
  2. You want a 5' or under min draft for getting to the better parts of the Bahamas. Might want to consider a Pearson 39 or 40. Another to consider is the Morgan 45 CB aft cabin. Boat is just plain fast.
  3. Was this ? ever answered?
  4. God bless him for trying. He made some interesting points in the interview.
  5. Apologies. I was looking at AIS and my guesstimate of the line was wrong. Looked like they had WO by at least four pixels.
  6. Looks like SW took third. No podium for Wo. So much for glancing at AIS. Results show WO in 3rd. Nice come back.
  7. As a sailmaker for 35+ years I can assure you that your sail budget is wildly optimistic. Multiply by five and you might be in the ballpark for a starter set.. I would strongly recommend against the recutting of old dacron sails for this application. The chances of finding decent donor sails of usable weight and size are zero. Zero not 10%.You will waste more time and money trying to piece things together than just buying some cloth to begin with. Another thing to remember is that there is more labor in traditional sails. You will be paying dearly for this labor. Adding to the difficult
  8. v92


    (16-year old self channeling wisdom of 50-something year old self) Roger, loud and clear. Your concern for your daughter is understandable. However, One. Your little angel is going to lose her virginity. Maybe not to me, maybe not tonight, but it's going to happen. Deal with it. Two. Your curfew is between you and your daughter. I will bring her home when she asks me to. Three. The porch swing/shot gun schtick. I'm calling your bluff. You should know better than to make threats that you're not prepared to carry out. You have too much to lose. And you would not survive i
  9. Reminds me of the Beatles Yellow Submarine .
  10. v92


    Now that Funny! Hint: Don't start with the number 8, though I have the feeling it doesn't matter what # you pick. LOL
  11. Aaah... welcome, friend. So... err, who am you?

  12. Tanbark Dacron has no more UV resistance than " white " Dacron. It is easier to see the sunburn on the dyed polyesters though. Chances are the 25 year old main wasn't a prize when it was retired. If the old sail was actually Tanbark cotton 7 years in a probably damp hold will have turned into a damp rag that cannot be picked up without tearing. Better put some sprouts on the ' barbie , you have visitors coming.HTH V92
  13. Years ago i came upon a wreck on Royal island in the Bahamas. Haitian boat that missed the good old USA by about 150 miles. The BDF had cleared the immigrants off the island, the only things left were scattered clothes, suitcases and the 50' wreck. That wreck and the above pic are way too similar . Hope they know when to say uncle. v92
  14. The forecast for Monday looks , challenging , to say the least. Void Ho.
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