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  1. As I've said, his real problem is that for decades, by virtue of his position, he could force his views on others without challenge and in the full knowledge that he could ruin their future if they had the temerity to challenge him in any way. You just have to look at his early postings here, where he did his best to assume an authority and mantle of knowledge that he didn't have - and his reactions when challenged. In this place he's not by any means the smartest person in the room, it's obvious that he's not and that rankles. He also has no demonstrated SOH or ability to react gracefull
  2. My Witch jib is 134 sq ft. It's on a Wickham-Martin type furler that I built myself. No winches for the jib, typical Tom sail plan. He specified hank-on, I didn't and still don't like that idea on the end of a 7' bowsprit regardless of downhauls etc so I built a furling jib using Dyneema instead of wire for the luff line. IME so far it works fine, it's inboard of the fixed forestay and I can take the entire sail down if I think I need to. Roll it up then slacken the halyard, lash the rolled sail to the lifelines.There's usually 2 of us sailing and our practice is for the person aft t
  3. Come on - he was a political science professor. Give him some credit; he manages to write actual sentences. Well, mostly. FKT
  4. Yep. My immediate reaction is - "Another fuckwit trying to compensate for a tiny dick". FKT
  5. Meli check facts? Surely you jest. Why on earth would she start now? The warm inner glow of hugging what she knows far outweighs anything like actual facts. FKT
  6. So would a lot of people. If I got another go-round I'd aim to be a ship's engineer. FKT
  7. It's always been a waste of time. That's a feature not a bug. FKT
  8. No, I just tend to skim through this cesspool for the most part. Particularly ATM as I'm lining up all the little ducks in prep for hauling the boat out for upgrades & maintenance. I had AJ pegged early on. Full of his own self-importance and utterly bewildered by our inability to recognise his masterful leadership when offered. As he cannot possibly be wrong in any aspect of anything, it's all on we ingrates to change our ways. The reason he wants noms de net banned is so he can take shit off of the forums and into real life to make disagreement have real-world consequences. Sad
  9. Poor old AJ, anyone who has the temerity to disagree with him & mock him is automatically a member of the Reich. Even left wing Labor/Green supporters such as your good self. I really do feel for all those students he taught over the years. Their real life awakening must have been very painful. FKT
  10. Friends of mine who sold their work of art wooden boat priced it sky high to keep away the tyre kickers and the people who weren't wealthy. We thought they'd never get anything close to their asking price even though the boat was in perfect condition and a beautiful, one-off custom build using all Tasmanian timbers. They got damn close to their asking price within 6 weeks of advertising it. Temporary new world? FKT
  11. You *could*, and I'd simply ask you to list all the parts. At which point you'd drop it and back away, because you're on a loser. Or you'd try to change the goalposts. As I said, I've had manual winches apart for repairs. I know what's inside. Probably got pix somewhere of a completely disassembled Muir Hercules winch which is essentially the same internally as a Simpson Lawrence or any other 2 speed manual winch. There's not a single ball or roller bearing for starters. There are more springs in the electric winch *relay* than the entire Hercules winch. The BS drum type wi
  12. An electric motor has one moving part, true. Then there's the brushes. Then there's the ball bearings. Then there's the worm drive gearbox. With bearings and bushings. Then there's the shaft going through the worm drive box, and its associated bushings. Then there's the deck switch and likely remote switch(es). Then there's the relay. Then there's the cable runs back to the main or house batteries. Only THEN are you back to the basic electrical system attached to the diesel engine. I've had Muir manual winches apart on my bench. I also have dissecte
  13. They improve with age IME. By the time they're 25 they're back to being civilised human beings. Maybe somewhat earlier if you're lucky. Fortunately my 2 daughters took most of it out on their mother and not me, though the eye-rolling was impressive. Ineffective, but impressive. "MEAN daddy! BAD daddy!" Bedroom door slams. They're both lovely, helpful and friendly young women these days. I was swapping sailing pics for baby pics with my youngest the other day. FKT
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