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  1. That's huge! My cottage is 8.4 x 12m so a bit smaller than yours. It's actually a fair bit bigger than I need. I'm building a 7.5 x 4 studio ATM supposedly as a boat storage shed but it might become visiting cruisers' accommodation as I like cruisers but somewhat less than I like my privacy. I adhere to the 'guests and fish stink after 3 days' rule if they're in my space. FKT
  2. Come off it. More like "Those losers! What have they done for me lately? Fuck them." He's never shown any loyalty in the past, no way he'd show it in the future. Especially to losers. FKT
  3. Fuck yes. IMO there are only 2 viable approaches to dealing with an active shooter armed with a large ammo cap long gun. Run & hide or shoot them from a distance. Trying to tackle them bare handed is just asking for a Darwin award. Not that I'm saying KR was an active shooter, mind. 4 fuckwits went out to play and none of them survived intact. FKT
  4. We've often considered buying a ferro boat and putting it in a big hole in the yard. Instant guest accommodation. Win-win. Or possibly lose-lose. FKT
  5. Dutton should STFU. And if he won't, maybe another portfolio would be better. Problem is, I can't think of a suitable one. FKT
  6. Yep. Your original post was political, you made it here, shit flows downhill. If you want to get your panties in a wad, feel free. Downvote me, like I'm going to care. Australia came up with a safe way of returning attempted undocumented migrants to their country of departure. They got rescued in line with obligations under the rules and then returned. I can't see what your problem is. Maybe the UK will do the same thing. FKT
  7. Problem there is you have to factor in the size & type of boat, unlike rock climbing where it's basically human skill. So no, I don't think you could really do a lot. FKT
  8. You forgot the part about laughing, mocking, quoting other bits of the Bible (stoning adulterers & prostituting your daughters, how many concubines can one own, slavery) et al that people like me would be tossing their way. Don't mistake the fact that I think they can say their shit to in any way assume that I'm going to actually agree with it or give them any respect. I'm not. I thoroughly enjoy it when they try to justify their bullshit using Biblical references, and I quote other bits back at them. But - you be you. Because suppression works so well now doesn't it? I mean
  9. Yeah but it's not that straightforward because a diesel engine in a boat delivers its power over a range of rpm. An electric motor is rated for one rpm based on frequency. I know for a fact that electric motors fitted to CNC machine tools are *grossly* oversized because they need to have enough power at relatively low rpm/frequency to drive a cutting tool at the required depth of cut and chip load per tooth. And they don't have gearboxes. Even with fancy VFD's electric motor power drops off badly when you get under say 10Hz. My diesel motor delivers usable power over 900 to a max of
  10. This is political so it's the only comment I'm going to make. What Australia did to combat this was to acquire a bunch of lifeboats. 'Irregular migrants' were calling for rescue, sinking their boats when an Australian vessel appeared and were taken to an Australian port of entry. Well, we started loading them into the lifeboats, sailing 12.1 NM from the territorial waters of the country they left from and pointing them towards shore. Mostly they stopped coming. FKT
  11. I think you're wrong on this. There are - at least for industrial engines - the peak HP figure and the continuous HP figure. If you run the motor at its continuous HP figure, then you will indeed get thousands of hours of running time, assuming proper maintenance. Diesel air compressors, generators and similar are cases in point. I guess you are correct for the general run of boat engines, because they're not quoting the continuous HP figure. As for prop pitch and gearboxes, the 'correct' answer is a controllable pitch propellor. Unfortunately, in the 50 HP and less ra
  12. Mine is similar - control box looks the same, hand piece is different. I did wonder if it'd work through a steel hull. All I can say is, it works with mine both back at the wheel and on the foredeck. There's an antenna wire (I expect it's the green wire in the pic above) and you could extend that to somewhere if you needed to. I didn't need to. $40 on eBay. All it does is energise the appropriate solenoid terminal so not really a complex device. How long a cheap one lasts...... ?? Guess I'll find out. FKT
  13. This. Back in the day I got some approaches from the recruiting firms asking if I was interested in working on a data mining project. Further enquiry led to finding out it was for a wagering/gaming company. So - no. Some things I won't do for money. FKT
  14. That's what I've done. Cheap eBay wireless remote. Works fine. I do have a hard wired deck switch for up only as I can free-drop the chain. The deck switch isn't set into a hole though, I wasn't cutting more holes in my thoroughly painted deck. It's in a HDPE block at the base of the foremast out of the way, wire goes through a snorkel type deck penetration. FKT
  15. I'm pretty sure Sydney (and NSW in general) have got enough ATM - some serious flooding going on. Same here in Tasmania - been the wettest spring I can remember in maybe 20 years. We haven't been out on the boat much so far. OTOH I've got a lot of project work done. Good info about snubbers - I use a 3 strand nylon with a chain grab/claw (not hook). Never been totally happy with the chain grab/claw, I do carry hooks, never used one because I can't see how they can be reliable under any sort of snatch load if things become slack. Used them a lot in the bush but that's different when y
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