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  1. I had a physiotherapist built (and who dressed) like that. Highly recommended by one of my gay woman friends who told me that not only was this person a really good physio, I'd highly enjoy the scenery while getting tortured. She was quite correct on all counts. FKT
  2. Another board claims to be 'child friendly' meaning teenagers so they have a heavy filter. I just use shyte and fsck. People read what they want to see. The unix types get it as well. In AJ's case - it's as well deserved as it was for Tommy. Both are humourless as fuck and it'd be dead easy to write a LISA-bot to do their posts for them. In fact, someone probably has. Shrug. FKT
  3. One lousy metre of sea level rise and I wouldn't have to wait until half tide to get on/off my beach & out to my boat. One lousy metre. Is that too much to ask? It's a well known fact that far more people die from low temperatures than high temperatures anyway. FKT
  4. Actually, it's not. The funny thing is, he managed to annoy one or more of the moderators sufficiently to get him classed in the same category as Tendentious Tom and have his favourite word turned to dogballs. That was/is funny. FKT
  5. But if he tries hard and gets lots of personal coaching, who knows, he might achieve it... FKT
  6. Exactly the point I've been hammering on for ages. If you don't like the organisation and you can't change it and it won't change by itself, LEAVE! Else STFU because you're just being co-enablers. And don't get on my case for pointing this out because the reason for my posts and your resulting hostility is - you won't change what you're doing. They have small clubs locked in because they provide public liability insurance? And you can't find an alternate insurance at any affordable cost? Have you looked? What @LB 15 says makes a hell of a lot of sense. A new organisati
  7. A lot of us have randumb on ignore. Kindly stop quoting him so we don't have to keep being bored by his memes. FKT
  8. Nope. Not going to happen. This is entertaining. You guys need someone to prod you. Maybe eventually you'll do something new instead of the same old moaning about the same old issue and when someone like me makes a suggestion, the response is "We can't do that because <insert reason for doing nothing here>". I don't belong to a club because I don't want to give money to the likes of AS to support things I actually disagree with. Plus I believe in freedom FROM association as well as freedom OF association. If a club is going to give money to something I'm opposed to and my optio
  9. I note your decided shift from claiming that the Feds don't have the authority to an assertion that the GG wouldn't allow them to use those powers. Which is pure speculation on your part. You comprehensively lost that one. The Feds most definitely do have all the heads of power that they need under the Australian Constitution. They're just not willing to use it. Bored now. You're not very good at this. Ah well, a longer lockdown period. Annoying but financially quite rewarding. FKT
  10. This. Go somewhere and make footage of the scenery, bikini (or less) clad young women, other bloggers all doing a conga-line of the same places and drinking in the same bars, who cares. Same same as still working for your company back home via the net or freelance writing. No local economic injury, no foul. Set yourself up on your boat doing sail and canvas work, rigging, diesel engine servicing/repairs or anything similar that could be done by a country resident, expect problems if it comes to the notice of the authorities. Let alone doing hidden charter work for visiting 'friends'
  11. I guess that anyone who scored high on the authoritarian side and didn't game it just for fun is also lacking in the intelligence to realise what an idiot they were by taking it seriously. So there is that... FKT
  12. Well in that case you're fucked so I suggest that you buy your lube in bulk at Costco or wherever so it doesn't hurt as much. FKT
  13. One of the reasons I'm not a member of the local clubs. I own a 12m sailboat, I go sailing as & how I please, I have no certifications, no skills and definitely no ability. Yet somehow I manage to go sailing anyway. FKT
  14. Disaffiliate the club from AS and stop paying them. What value are they adding to your club? If the answer is zero or actually negative, why stay inside their embrace? Would the boats, crew and volunteers disappear if AS disappeared? FKT
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