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  1. Can it join another WiFi network, rather than broadcasting it's own? I run a WiFi router aboard for devices that like to broadcast their own - but thankfully are also happy to join existing
  2. We've been on a 3-week schedule with my diver all summer (first year running a "programme" if you could call it that), and by the time week 3 rolls around it's really noticeable. If he cleans on race-day, we do distinctly less shit. New bottom paint went on this time last year, and the diver says in the 12 months, it's completely failed. Granted, we spent the winter in Florida - maybe my expectations of bottom paint are not calibrated to part-of-the-year in warmer waters.. So, what are people using that works for 12 months 'round? I'm not buying Black Widow - guess that means @quod umbra
  3. Belhaven was great - alas Spoon River was closed as we passed through, so wound up at a not-great fried seafood place. The marina seemed like a nice spot too - we wound up in the anchorage but they kindly let us tie up.
  4. Love that area - certainly deeper water over there. Sounds like Hurricane can also accommodate once we play the tides, so now I really need to pick where to spend a month or two this winter doing a refit. Cycling distance of the outer banks sounds nice..
  5. How are yard facilities in the area? Looking for a some-DIY friendly yard to haul a 7'3" draft boat out, and drawn to NC for more dry months at working temperatures for paint than Boston area, while still being a reasonable winter delivery distance. Unclear if Hurricane can accommodate our draft, anywhere else worth looking? Who's decent for rigging in Eastern NC?
  6. Nah, newer generation - no idea of year, but 15 years tops Last MCIB report I read on a similar sinking blamed a poor autopilot tiller arm installation on the rudder stock of a Hanse, causing premature failure - not sure if they recovered the vessel to determine that, however
  7. Grand Soleil 45 just sank 50 miles south of Ireland after sustaining rudder damage - I'll be curious to read the MCIB/MAIB report, but can't help the brand..
  8. Lining up to start before setting off for Boothbay in Downeast Challenge this year - pic I think courtesy of RC? We were the first boat across the line with a dinghy on the foredeck. We were also the last boat across the line with a dinghy on the foredeck. Speaking of the dinghy - decided to get some action shots on our subsequent cruise ghosting along off Tenants under my eBay asym
  9. It surprised me to learn WiFi AIS devices like the Vesper, Em-Trek only repeat a small subset of NMEA sentences - limiting the data you can view from down below. I've got a Yacht Devices YDNR-02 wifi gateway. Basically plug and play with an NMEA network, and repeats every NMEA sentence over WiFi to any device that cares to listen. Comes with a built in little customizable dashboard website you can visit on a mobile device that looks like this: Allows me to keep an eye on wind speed, direction and heading on my phone while off watch - super nice.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/19/world/us-canada-border-opening/index.html Planning to be in Acadia mid August - no idea of what this means for private boats yet, but I've always wanted to make the hop. How's Yarnmouth? Shelburne?
  11. Yep, sounds like just about every marine service professional I've ever encountered
  12. Boston area pickup (Hingam) if something needed same-day, too For all they don't have, I've always gone McMaster Carr. Hard to beat their drawings & website filters
  13. Canteen is the best! Just back from a weekend there. Try the Frosé - if you've got insecurities about your masculinity you're probably in the wrong town anyway..
  14. If you visit Provincetown Marina, sure - that place is daylight robbery! $200 for a mooring? Fuck that. Drop the hook, or pick up a Flyers mooring (very basic facilities) and there's still some affordable dining to be found in town..
  15. Gene wasn't available last year due to the Pandemic, but maybe this year that'll have changed. I waited until Jeff Stone, Azimuth Marine was available on a recent purchase instead of going for first available, and was very happy with how thorough he was. I've seen a previous report of his as well - didn't miss much.
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