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  1. I couldn't take my eyes off of the Spinnaker "leech".
  2. It's always has been been the standard for Class 40's.
  3. Watched it for a second. Saw her hank the jib on from the top down for some reason, then showed their viewers to tie some kind of knot that's almost a bowline, but totally isn't. It was on mute, so maybe they were showing everyone what not to do, but I stopped after the jib sheet was attached. Thanks again Youtube!
  4. This wouldn't be the first time they did that. Maybe class mini should just start the race in the canaries so competitors don't have to put their blood sweat and tears into delivering their boats to those islands. Throwing out this first leg almost turns this into a matter of making a shipping appointment in Guadeloupe. I hope they don't go that route.
  5. I trust it will come out on the wash. The wash being leg 2.
  6. A scow or spoon bow will always be preferable, especially when foiling. Because when the foils stall, they have to land on a plane, not Archimedean. Otherwise they nose dive which is worse than slow, it's dangerous.
  7. Ha! Tell that to Charlie Dalin and Xavier Macaire!
  8. Read the comment section. Translations are quite good.
  9. Yvan Bourgnon's take: https://www.facebook.com/100047045684408/posts/393551705556349/?d=n&__tn__=R
  10. There is also about half a knot if current running south along the Portuguese coast, so, as you point out, it's a pretty good gamble with that huge gap to fifth.
  11. Well that door closed like Chick-fil-a on a Sunday. 200+ between 1st and 5th.
  12. He was 5 miles behind Teamwork when his tracker went silent, so he's lost about 30 miles overnight. Incident likely?
  13. For the proto leaders, it's the only option that I see. They will be near La Coruna by Thursday morning local time, which should give them a huge escape south. There is a door that shuts behind them.
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