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  1. Cruise only, but not live aboard. Budget is around 50k I believe. So "vintage", but not strip planked vintage.
  2. I'm helping a friend look for a new boat and googleing sailboats by parameter is much less efficient than tapping into the vast resources we have here. So here are the parameters: 1. Monohull 2. 35-40 feet 3. Air draft less than 50' 4. Draft less than 5' 5. Center cockpit preferred 6. Not a motor sailor I haven't found much that fits this task and air draft is not usually listed. In my mind I'm envisioning a split rig Hood style center-boarder, like if Shaw did a ketch rigged Pearson 40'. I think the closest I've seen is the Freedom 35' Cat Ketch. Tha
  3. Pretty sure they were thinking they didn't want to sail 300 miles with them on board as required by the rules
  4. I am using Zhik and it's by far the best foul weather gear I've ever used. After coming below in near freezing temperatures and totally wet, I'd do a quick wipe down with a chamois and lay down in my gear for a nap. 15 minutes later my outer layers were almost dry. Holds no moisture. I highly recommend it.
  5. "Sliced through the waves!" This is why some things should remain vaporware.
  6. About a year ago I had a good experience sailing a Maine Cat 41 upwind in 25 kts, in the Gulf Stream. I would definitely recommend that boat.
  7. Here's another tracker with better info: http://raceowl.com/EC2021/RaceMap4?fbclid=IwAR2SpWD6pDjBv7TQNXfxJwYVSOMbtehLceLULr1xVsGiDXdVB7QNGRWPCEc
  8. The race tracker is a reliable disappointment. Anyone have Randy's actual tracker address? Here's Spawn's: https://maps.findmespot.com/s/KWDJ#history/assets
  9. Yeah, I've always hated waves. Whenever I hear someone talk about how fast their boat is, I smile and nod, but what I'm really thinking is "yeah, but what about in waves?". Anxiety has always had the most comfortable birth on the boat. That will always be the case. Not familiar with Forss'. WSSRC: I guess it made sense before everyone had trackers, but today I have 2 trackers, no engine, and when I arrive in SF will anyone really tell me that the voyage was illegitimate? If so, I'm not sure who that will be a problem for, but it won't be me. I feel that their fee is better spent getting
  10. I grew up skateboarding. I'm Goofy footed (port tack) but did flip tricks switch, I mean, starboard, so maybe this always made sense.
  11. Sure, but I made Jzerro's crater ;).
  12. Here's the one I want to use for my social media page. Think it will work?
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