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  1. There is a really good BDSM club in Orlando. The Woodshed. Eyes Wide Shut is a nice swing club/ nightclub. You don't have to play, it's okay just to watch. And if you like museums they have a huge museum of erotica on premises. -----or so I've heard.
  2. Joe Biden Jimmy Carter Nancy Pelosi
  3. Agreed. And then there is the neck rope tied to the up line--- kinda' sketchy. That's an interesting hip harnesses/ leg tie though.
  4. Danni--- For a good time call 867-5309
  5. I've mastered the fire cupping technique. Honestly, I don't see the therapeutic benefits for the recipient. But at adult parties, hot chicks literally line up to get naked, lay on a table, have me oil up their body, and apply flaming glass cups to the most interesting parts of their anatomy. I find that to be very therapeutic--- for ME.
  6. Yeah----- But chubby nurses are manna from the heavens, for those that know how to appreciate them. They are Intelligent and driven. But more importantly to me, I have found them to be without exception---horny, service oriented, masochistic, and the kinkiest creatures on the planet.
  7. Jesus! Look at the size of the feet on that thing----
  8. "That's not what I meant when I said we needed more "Mount Gay" on the boat"
  9. I hate that type of rope. But when forced to use it in an application such as you describe--- I'll take a length of heat shrink tubing that is at least twice the diameter of the Rope and slide it onto the rope from the working end. The heat shrink tubing with the glue inside works the best. Then I double the Rope over and tie a figure eight on the bite. Pull the figure eight knot tight, really compact it. Then slide the heat shrink tubing down the rope and slide the bitter end coming out of the figure eight knot into the heat shrink tubing , so that you have a double thickness o
  10. 1) Whiskey 2) A)1 B)2 C)4 D)6 E)8 3) well, I recon' so. 4)well,-----Why would I?
  11. Sparkling. It's the new squirting.
  12. You might be wanting a flogging--- But that is a bullwhip in her hand!
  13. "Turbo tips from the wooden boat forum-----"
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