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  1. I tested the injector, it gave a pretty good round spray pattern. also, it was working fine in the other engine. So assumed good.
  2. I knew that was confusing when i typed it. i swapped the injectors, the one that went in looked fine, no carbon build up. THANK YOU for that link, very helpful to understand whats in there.
  3. the "new" injector came from the other engine, which would easily spin up to full RPM under load, but other than that I don't have an age for it. there was a ton of carbon buildup on the injector that i replaced, I assumed this was due to the missing o-ring. Maybe there is a ton of gunk in the pre-combustion chamber causing issues?
  4. yeah, maybe the old one was better? It didn't seem like the oil was leaking from any of the oil pipes, but in hindsight, maybe i didn't look close enough. I replaced the injector with the one from the "old" engine. Cheapest option possible, I assume all the other pieces that should be replaced along with the injector are jammed in there pretty good, because I'm not seeing anything under the injector assembly that looks removable. I did note that the o-ring was missing on the "new" engine, and there was a smell of exhaust in the boat, adding the o-ring with the replaced injector stopped
  5. Chapter 2 of this little saga. The 1gm10 started puking oil into the bilge, and for the life of me I could not find the source. So bought a suspect used 1gm10 and swapped them. Huge pain in the ass but only a week without the use of the boat, so kind of a win. The problem now is the suspect 1gm10 is smoking like crazy and won't come up to full RPM under load. I've replaced the fuel injector hoping that might help, but no dice. The smoke is pretty much white or grey, though lots of soot comes out when pushing past about 2500 rpm, which is about the maximum I can get. in
  6. I've been changing the oil frequently, I assume that has something to do with it. I'm not sure how clean oil could indicate an issue, or what issue it would speak to.
  7. Yep, changed the oil after the hard run, it was pretty dark. After a few trips the oil in there now has remained pretty light. Light enough to make it hard to tell what the level is. im running 15w40 now, had some sae 30 in for a while, but that didn’t make much of a difference. I figure even if the engine doesn’t need it, modern oil can’t be more harmful than the old stuff, and should have some benefits, so why not use it.
  8. You guys are trying to suck me in slowly huh? So easy you can do it in the cockpit! its got sleeves, easy well no sleeves just take it to a machine shop you'll be fine I'm starting to feel better about the state of things right now, Oil consumption is certainly less that prior to the hard run, Gonna follow Sassafrass' advice and press pause for a while.
  9. I took a look at the shop manual today, looks like the 1gm is sleeved, the 1gm10 is not. That makes a rebuild less palatable. I did find another engine locally thats "running" but the oil consumption on mine seems to have dropped considerably, i've run the thing for an hour or so and i don't notice any oil missing, I'm sure its not solved so i'm still thinking about picking up the used engine, maybe rebuilding it over the winter. Could be a fun project? Maybe it won't need a rebuild and it will be a Christmas miracle.
  10. Thanks for the advice all. those videos make the rebuild look a lot less intimidating than I expected. I also found another 1gm10 locally on craigslist, Hoping i can get over to check it out this week. I like the rebuild one while the other is in the boat idea.
  11. I'm open to that this one is a candidate, https://www.ebay.com/i/303649775730?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=303649775730&targetid=1068323855470&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9032064&poi=&campaignid=10897980201&mkgroupid=114065841584&rlsatarget=aud-762207186714:pla-1068323855470&abcId=9300403&merchantid=102010203&gclid=CjwKCAiA_eb-BRB2EiwAGBnXXiIOPfZWq27BHt6BQiykFbMnAo9Casn88yGdsdYLsfGI_UBz-tBiTRoCHJAQAvD_BwE though i'm skep
  12. Well i took the "run it hard" advice, ran for about an hour and a half at 3600, all was good, but burned through about half the dipstick worth of oil. And developed another symptom, when i got to idle after running at 3600 for the duration, the oil pressure alarm started chirping just a bit. So what to do? Repower? a beta 14 is ~8k plus whatever in parts to make it work. the beta dealer around here gave an estimate of 50 hours to install it, all in looking at close to $20k to repower. figuring it will take me 2x as long as them to do it myself, 100 hours is out of the question
  13. I used some of this stuff https://www.restoreusa.com/index.php didn't seem to have much or any effect
  14. I run at ~3200 anything less is painfully slow. I'll give it a go at 3600 for a while, see how that shakes out.
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