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  1. Now he's gooooone...like a Rawson 30..with the rigging all slack...he's gooooone, he's gooooone, he's gone and he ain't comin' back
  2. I admire that the trailer can apparently pull a trailer.
  3. A surplus of hulls with 2 origami tits I don't give a shit
  4. I have suspected for some time that ReamUS suffers from clinical depression. What is often called "laziness" can also stem from lacking interest in life in general. The condition would explain his complete lack of energy as far as fixing anything on Mimsy, and his disinterest in even learning to sail. He is alone and lonely, begging and pleading for a female companion and does what he does because he has no options. He's sort of in a slow motion suicide mode. I feel sorry for the guy. OTOH, WTF do I know...
  5. Anyone else noticed ReamUS sits like a woman with his knees always together?
  6. One of Brent's early efforts before he discovered steel.
  7. ReamUS to Kiritimati: AH'M GONNA MOOOVE YOU BAYBEEEEE!!!!
  8. Getting ready for MayDay or perhaps a poorly executed stripper pole?
  9. That should be pulled by the Wiener-Mobile
  10. This old turd had been swirling around the toilet bowl for years and has finally passed through into the holding tank.
  11. It appears ReamUs has joined the AT&T bowling team, completed by "pocket pool" trousers. He's living high on the hog...notice the developing paunch.
  12. More likely ol' Mimsy has been declared a bio-hazard due to moldy oats, dead mahi-mahi rotting in the rigging, and let's not forget the barnyard fowl. Could be Customs got him for an undeclared stash of buttery 'taters. Or Starbucks slapped a lien on his yacht for unpaid latte bills. The possibilities are endless.
  13. Just think how broke that guy must be to hope someone would actually buy that. How much does it cost to list something on CL?
  14. quickest, upload to imgur.com (you can keep it private rather than share) copy the link, click on the image icon in the forum message toolbar, and paste the imgur link here. (There are better sites for photos, but I find imgur a quick and dirty solution) Thanks...will that post the photo or a link to the photo?
  15. Can someone tell me, in the simplest possible terms, how to post a picture currently languishing in an email folder? I would really appreciate it.
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