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  1. For those who don't know, physicians in the U.S. who refuse/reject Covid vaccination are a small minority: https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-survey-shows-over-96-doctors-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19 Unfortunately there is a huge discrepancy between physicians and nurses and techs and other such support staff, where there is considerable variation between geographic regions but generally have significantly lower vaccination rates/acceptance (like 50-70 percentish). These kind of numbers are consistent with what I saw in Texas (just moved from there
  2. I take a quick peek at the Sailing/Refitting Athena channel sometimes. Mainly to see if the boat will ever sail. As far as I can tell it's pretty much only ever been about home improvement type projects on his boat, the huge majority of which seem to have little to do with actual seaworthiness or sailing/navigation of the vessel. Has he done much actual sailing on this or any other vessel? I can't bear to sit through dozens of hours of DIY construction projects, but I don't seem to see him ever discuss actual sailing or even planning his trip in any concrete way, just DIY projects.
  3. I'm partial to Sam Holmes' channel, and through it learned of the existence of this fellow, a remarkable 82 year old Swede who designs and builds his own tiny sturdy sailboats and sails them all around the Atlantic: (apologies if it's been posted earlier)
  4. While I feel that the general direction of GOP politics was set around the time of the Civil Rights era and the realignment that happened then (with the Southern Strategy following in its wake), and that the original fault lines in American politics are around race and date back to slavery, certain events in the modern era have accelerated us to where we are today. Rush Limbaugh and right wing talk radio, and then Fox News, really helped consolidate the GOP's power. People have always had passionate arguments and even bloody wars over politics, but for the first time people were able to
  5. When I was in the military I rented a house with 3 classmates. Someone had the idea one summer to take the basic recreational sailing course at the U.S. Naval Academy (the Morale, Welfare and Recreation one for anyone, not the stuff the Midshipmen do). The course was taught on 24 foot Rainbows with what looked like a torpedo for a keel, no engine of any type, hank on sails, sail off and onto moorings, take down and fold the sails and bring them ashore to get cleaned/stored at the end of each class. I can't remember whose idea it was but it certainly wasn't mine or I would have remembered it
  6. Eh maybe their company is hurting and they cut whatever small cost this service represented. Thanks though.
  7. I became used to doing an automated radio check via SeaTow's service (VHF Channel 27 where my boat is) before going out, I noticed I'm not getting a response anymore and the website looks like a "page not found". Has this service stopped?
  8. This guy was fired both for this and for being in the Capitol Hill mob and posting it on social media. Qanon has created, or taken advantage of, some serious brain worms in people.
  9. If by LOE you mean Law Enforcement, there was this DOJ briefing: which took about a week to happen. But it was obviously pretty preliminary and there hasn't been anything since.
  10. Getting a very Patty Hearst/Squeaky Jean Fromme vibe from this pic.
  11. Bringing back all the characters from season one!
  12. Have any previous Vendee Globe had anything remotely like this pack of 7 or so boats within 100nm of the lead going up the final leg?
  13. The problem is you're already on thin ice if you're depending upon a "good guy" military coup to get you out of a dictatorship. You have to rely on enough senior officers to have the courage to go through with it, and hope that they are in fact good guys who turn over power to civilian leadership. Meanwhile the whole U.S. system of government has been discredited.
  14. True, and I'd rather piss off the people who commit acts of sedition and send them the message "there will be serious consequences for you and anyone else attempting this".
  15. I'm glad you posted this, it's something I've thought about a fair amount. If the mob either kills a bunch of Democrats and/or the VP, or holds a lot of them hostage, it renders the Congress essentially inopoerative. If that happened Trump's power would essentially be unopposed as Congress is the main other pole of power in the U.S., and Trump would have nominal control of the military. There would be no Inauguration or transfer of power in the short term. No one internationally or domestically aside from Trumpists would recognize the legitimacy of that power but he would have it nonet
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