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  1. Great thread, gives me much food for thought regarding ground tackle choices. I was about to ask if you were getting paid anything for these until I read your post where you said you were not which made me sad. Could you compile your results into an article and publish it?
  2. I read through this entire thread and it's one of the things that brought me to this forum in the first place. In the early pages I was all for Rimas being a crazy old guy with enough balls to risk his ass (and no one else's) trying to cross oceans despite not knowing anything, just jumping in a boat and going. I was all with him right up until it became clear that he refused any offers from his friends/enablers to teach him the basics of sailing. If you're going to spend weeks and months at sea it would seem that most people of average intelligence might want to spend some of that time
  3. Newly Zombified: http://www.cbs8.com/story/32328337/overturned-sailboat-washes-up-at-mission-beach
  4. This boat was due to be scrapped within days of when I took this picture, but it did look like it didn't go entirely to waste as the liveaboard crew looked like they had been enjoying her for some time. Oh, and just so I don't get in any trouble:
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