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  1. I don't know why people on this forum get so preoccupied with pardoning these insurrectionists. Is it because it's a forum with predominantly white, older people with money who identify with some of these folks even if they're not Trumpists? The damage done by showing these people there are few or no consequences for this kind of seditious activity and thus a lack of deterrent far outweighs any benefit. You think you're going to win over Trump fanatics by not making them pay for what they've done? Do you think that realtor who flew in on the private plane is going to give up supporting her
  2. Just LOL if you don't think that BIDEN pardoning the people who were trying to violently deny his election would be seen by them as anything other than weakness ("we tried to coup this guy and he pardoned us, LOL").
  3. Yeah. See the Democratic Congressmen/women who have gotten Covid either from terrorists or GOP pols who wouldn't wear a mask while sheltered in place with the Dems.
  4. Well the only saving grace is that with Schumer in charge of the Senate instead of Mitch they can have the trial and vote in a fairly expedited schedule if they wish.
  5. Now that the vote won't happen until Biden's administration the Senate trial can happen once there's a lot of details and audio/video from the Capitol attack that has sunk into the public.
  6. “We have a good group: 30 to 40 of us. We’re sticking together and sticking to the plan,” the female voice is heard saying on Zello as they were walking toward the Capitol. “The police are doing nothing. They’re not even trying to stop us.” The Ohio Capital Journal also identified Watkins as one of a line of Oath Keepers pushing their way through the crowd on the steps of the Capitol toward the east entrance of the building. She can be seen toward the back of the line in livestream footage taken at the deadly event wearing battle rattle. Moments later a stream of pro-Trump insurrectionist
  7. The video goes into a bit of why it's not all that necessary for these cults to keep their stories straight though. Otherwise they'd all be out of business in a month.
  8. This video was made by someone on another forum I participate in. It's about Qanon, in the context of other cults, past and present. An older "space alien" cult called the Seekers, and Scientology are discussed for historical context and comparison. It's framed by an extended interview with a guy who does cult deprogramming work as a profession. I think it's relevant when so many GOPers in general are Q believers and especially the hardcore zealots who are involved in stuff like the Capitol Hill terrorism, and you have people like Don Jr. frequently giving them a nod ("where we go one
  9. Welp, Mitch not going to call the Senate into session, so no Senate vote until after Inauguration. Just posturing bullshit after all.
  10. I... knew he was a Republican based on... the fact that he's a member of the Republican Party? So aside from taking the opportunity to spout a bunch of buzzwords I'm still not sure what the point is. Meijer is a Republican but relatively few GOP Congressmen or Senators are stating unambiguously that the President's actions inciting the mob were wrong. But it's an increasing number. I think the fact that Meijer and Cheney and some others are saying so is a good thing, regardless if the motive is self serving or not. It's necessary.
  11. Again, I'm not saying I'm super confident there will be 17 GOP Senate votes. Just that the signals are being put out that it's at least possible which seems different from a day or two ago. I'm guessing a lot of this is Mitch trying to leak info to pressure Trump to resign, but if Mitch is an actual Yes vote and declares it publicly then it's open season on Trump and the 17 will be there and he's done. If Mitch comes out and says that publicly, if he even brings the Senate back into session to vote on it this week, it probably means the discussions have been had and the decision made.
  12. Where is there Trump cheerleading in an interview where Meijer says "It's very clear that that how the president acted towards this whole scenario, his actions leading up to yesterday and especially his unwillingness to come to grips with the reality, is continuing to perpetuate this fraud, this deception that is rankly unfit."? Or are you just saying that based one the source of the publication?
  13. https://reason.com/2021/01/08/amash-successor-peter-meijer-trumps-deceptions-are-rankly-unfit/ Here is an interview with Meijer. I know very little about Michigan politics but I'm told that a handful of Dutch Mafia families including Meijer, DeVos etc. dominate the scene. Anyway if half of GOP pols were as reasonable as Meijer comes across, they could be worked with. I'd take that over a blood gargling Q idiot like Boebert or Greene or aspiring fascist smooth guy like Cruz or Hawley any day.
  14. Here's the DOJ/FBI briefing from today. I've cued it to where the acting US Attorney is talking about the number of cases, 170, and he expects the number to increase "geometrically".
  15. Aha. Didn't realize you all were dragging the resident idiot. Excellent. Carry on!
  16. Apparently the GOP Reps are making a mockery by basically walking around the metal scanner and apparently the Capitol Police are powerless to do anything about it.
  17. No, the FBI/DOJ spokesperson said it was around 170 current cases with likely hundreds more to follow.
  18. The Democrats in the House and Senate stand ready to impeach and remove Trump. The simple majority required in the House will easily be achieved. The only issue is whether the 17 GOP votes required for a Senate conviction could be achieved. In the first day or so after Jan 6th it felt like the GOP wasn't saying much. Since then they've made a pretty half assed attempt to float "ANTIFA DID IT" (works on the weak minded as evidenced in these pages) and then "you better not impeach Trump because then his minions will REALLY get riled up and you don't want to see what happens then!" which
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