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  1. Which bluster? Today? Jan 6th? He rarely does anything BUT bluster.
  2. The problem is that we're stuck in the same corner with them.
  3. ... Of course Trump apparently begins his Texas speech at exactly the same time.
  4. ...Confirming that in many instances the simplest and easiest charges to make were used to expedite arrest.
  5. I can't read dog because he's ignored. Why is he, echoing the sudden talking point of the entire right wing, suddenly needing a new media structure? Because it's clear that media oxygen is what helped Trump grow into what he is? Or is it because seditious wingnuts promoting lies and inciting a violent mob are suddenly getting booted off their precious social media?
  6. Hey, Trump supporter. Justify why there has been no lengthy address or press conference on the attack. Would you expect this of literally any President? 6 days later? Maybe the day of? The next day at latest? Then ongoing briefings about what we have learned? Watch this and tell me how it's an Antifa false flag.
  7. There has been no comprehensive address or press conference from the Trump Administration to the American public on the events. Not the President, VP, or Press Secretary. Not the Secretary of Defense, FBI Chief, Department of Homeland Security, NSA, Secret Service, Chief of the Capitol Police. The only words from Trump have been videos in which he either combined messages for the attackers to desist with further incitement, or his obviously insincere hostage video. It appears we will likely go Trump's final ten days without any additional information provided or comment wha
  8. This is a long (90ish minutes) and tough watch but worth it I think. It's basically chronological compiled video from 1/5-1/6/21, documenting everything from the buildup of fascists in DC the day before, the inciting speeches by POTUS, his hellspawn, Rudy and others, and the various events of the day including the invasion of the Capitol, the various violent fights within and at the gates, the shooting of Babbitt (although it doesn't contain the longer WaPo video which is best for that), down to the resumption of EC certification. Some captioning but no voiceover commentary. Very well done.
  9. I think Left Shift's point, and what I was trying to get at, is Steam Flyer is saying "well it depends upon the crime and the criminal" whether they get to say the realize they were wrong and get community service. It implies that people's education, socioeconomic status etc. are going to play a prominent role in how much of a break they're going to get from Steam Flyer. To me, attempting a violent overthrow of the government is about as serious a crime as you can commit and the idea that treating any of these people with kid gloves will do anything but encourage them through lack of con
  10. Just so we're clear, do you advocate that anyone who's committed any crime can demonstrate "they know they messed up" and get no prison time? Or just these good people?
  11. Ziptie Senior, the former USAF Warthog pilot, now arrested as well:
  12. Trump specifically put a stop to monitoring and investigation of these people during his administration.
  13. The younger ziptie guy, now in custody, went to a lot of MAGA type rallies around TN wearing exactly the same "tacticLOL" getup, with pics and video posted on social media, it's how he was identified. Probably goes to bed in that outfit. In other news, HAHAHAHA:
  14. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/fbi-arrests-nashville-zip-tie-suspect-from-assault-on-u-s-capitol Zip-tie Junior apprehended.
  15. Zip tie brothers have both been identified: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/an-air-force-combat-veteran-breached-the-senate Neither is in custody yet from what I can determine.
  16. Retired USAF LTC Larry Brock, one of the ziptie brothers, has been ID'ed by the community, so he's trying to get out in front of things by coming out to the media before he presumably gets picked up by authorities: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/an-air-force-combat-veteran-breached-the-senate In an interview, Brock confirmed that he was the man in the photos and videos. He denied that he held racist views and echoed Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, saying that he derived his understanding of the matter principally from social media. He told me that he had gone to
  17. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/01/09/ashli-babbitt-capitol-shooting-trump-qanon/ This is a good, relatively in depth article about Ashli Babbitt.
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