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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Capitol_Police 1900 personnel. Not sure how many of those are officers vs. admin/support staff.
  2. The Capitol Police report to Congress, not POTUS. Their chief, and the Sgt. at Arms, have tendered their resignations today, as they should have done.
  3. Note that dude is wearing his work badge/lanyard, and no mask, to this.
  4. How the chief hasn't resigned in shame or been sacked already is beyond me. This is the worst possible failure in the main task to which you are charged, with plenty of advance warning and resources available. If you're skipper of a ship and run it aground, doesn't matter if you trusted the crew who were actually driving while you were in your rack sleeping, you are responsible.
  5. The failure wasn't that the cops didn't fire wildly into a crowd when overrun and massively outnumbered. It's that they had ample warning and preparation time for this event and didn't have the force to deter any such thing happening in the first place.
  6. The cops decided to change it up after having been made to look incompetent fools at best or possibly complicit at worst. I'm fairly suspicious that this was worse than incompetence (though there is no proof that we know of right now) and feel that the possibility should at least be investigated. This would of course likely require the FBI hauling in some of the people who aren't currently in custody after identifying them from all their phone selfies and Facebook/Instagram videos and shining the light on them.
  7. The chief of the Capitol Police is named Sund. I don't know how he didn't immediately tender his resignation or get sacked already, this was a gross failure in security, if a few of those people were determined to shoot the place up or blow things up it would have been a bloodbath. Just because they didn't doesn't excuse it, that's sheer luck.
  8. From the Twitter of the recently deceased (2 years ago)
  9. If a mob that greatly outnumbers you is breaking windows and bashing their way through a barricade to get to you, they can rip you limb from limb even with no weapons at all. We don't yet know the circumstances, whether she was warned, who they were guarding if anyone, etc. If they were guarding the room where the VP and Senators/Congresspeople were and warned the mob not to breach the barricade and the mob persisted then it seems reasonable for someone to get domed in that circumstance. But we don't know. People were claiming it was a 16 year old a few pages ago.
  10. https://www.kusi.com/kusi-news-confirms-identity-of-woman-shot-and-killed-inside-us-capitol/ WASHINGTON (KUSI) — The woman who was shot and killed inside the US Capitol during the protests was from the San Diego area. KUSI News has spoken with her husband. The woman is Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, and was a high level security official throughout her time in service. Her husband says she was a strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her. The Metropolitan Police Department says an inve
  11. Looks like the woman was trying to crawl up through the broken windows and likely got shot by a cop or Secret Service on the other side. (GRAPHIC)
  12. Goddamit fuck you GOP and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. You created this shit.
  13. https://indica.medium.com/i-lived-through-a-coup-america-is-having-one-now-437934b1dac3
  14. LOL. Too bad getting the plurality of a Gallup poll isn't the basis of the election.
  15. I would imagine there would be a ramp up period and there will be a higher rate of vaccine production and distribution in the next few months, that it would not be a linear process. At least I'd certainly hope so.
  16. (They didn't die of COVID they died with COVID blah blah blah) https://apnews.com/article/us-coronavirus-deaths-top-3-million-e2bc856b6ec45563b84ee2e87ae8d5e7 NEW YORK (AP) — This is the deadliest year in U.S. history, with deaths expected to top 3 million for the first time — due mainly to the coronavirus pandemic. Final mortality data for this year will not be available for months. But preliminary numbers suggest that the United States is on track to see more than 3.2 million deaths this year, or at least 400,000 more than in 2019. U.S. deaths increase most years,
  17. It sounds like your hospital had enough doses in the initial shipment to vaccinate everyone (who wanted it!). This was not the case where I got it, so it is being triaged by tiers, my department (operating room/surgery/anesthesiology) is JUST behind the first tier of ER, ICU and hospitalists and all the nurses, doctors and support staff who work in those units. Which seems fair to me if anyone understands where the risk comes from in these departments. It looked like the first shipment was going to be just enough to cover tier 1, but there must have been enough extra to get some of us in th
  18. Supposedly what happened is they had some kind of emergency town hall last night, and since then the interns and resident physicians are able to go get whatever vaccine doses remain from the first batch. The story was this happened because they assigned the vaccine priority order strictly by a computer algorithm. Starting to sound familiar? Apparently the algorithm didn't rank the interns and residents who are literally on the front line seeing the patients, doing the procedures and taking the lion's share of risk at low pay and long hours, because they rotate on different services (ICU
  19. I really wonder when almost half this country became so.... nihilistic. Were they always this way but I just couldn't see it?
  20. Clove Hitch, the hospital where I got vaccinated currently has a policy that they are going to be rigid about the 3 week date assigned for the second dose. Is this the case at your place as well? It's my understanding that there is some "wiggle" in the time frame for an effective second dose, but the nurse who administered the vaccine told me they don't want their supply and logistics chain to get all buggered up by coming in on all different days around the target day which makes perfect sense. In other news, a partner of mine got vaccinated at the same time, he spoke to another of our
  21. Least surprising news ever, but I hope more and more of this gets exposed as times goes on.
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