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  1. Crazy coinfection season we're having, eh? I hate it every spring when coinfections fill up the ICUs and hospitals of NYC, NOLA and Detroit and bodies have to be taken away in refrigerated trucks.
  2. I didn't check but as an O-6 carrier skipper I'd be shocked if he didn't have at least 20 years in already. And yeah, either way, he'd do fine in the private sector. Edit: Yeah, he was class of '92 from USNA.
  3. The Emperor has already declared that he shouldn't have been an Ernest Hemingway, so no. If he manages to stay in long enough to see a new President his career may not be entirely finished but it probably is. I don't know if there's much precedent for a C.O. who's been relieved of a command successfully continuing their career or being advanced after a change of the Palace Guard.
  4. I don't know how many of the nonmedical people on these forums are aware, but hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin are being used quite a lot in Covid-19 treatment right now, all over the place. Mostly not as part of controlled studies but in a general throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks, "compassionate use" type situation. It's arguable if it has any beneficial effect at all, but if it has any it's modest or only in a few select cases and nowhere near the panacea or miracle cure that Trump and the people on Fox are trying to promote it as. If it had anywhere near the effect tha
  5. Did we even do, or attempt to do, the things that have proven successful in S. Korea? I think not. Seoul is bigger than NYC in population and I believe as dense or denser.
  6. If Trump's federal response to Covid 19 is so effective and forward leaning, how come our results, our cases curve, our deaths, are so much worse than South Korea? Taiwan? Do the Trump supporters have an answer for that?
  7. Life comes at you fast; a little irony is good for the blood etc etc
  8. Just from the news that BoJo was heading to hospital they had a fifty/fifty chance at least reporting he was on the ventilator. I'm sure BoJo had pulse oximeter monitoring at home as well as home oxygen, these are simple to provide especially with skilled professionals to treat him. The very fact that he was headed to hospital meant that he was no doubt failing to make the grade with nasal cannula or simple mask oxygen and likely heading for the tube (endotracheal, not mass transit type).
  9. If only he'd been given hydroxychloroquine!
  10. "what the fuck" etc. starting around 1:50ish
  11. More on medical equipment procurement madness: https://chicago.suntimes.com/coronavirus/2020/4/3/21207488/coronavirus-illinois-medical-supplies-wild-west
  12. No I was a physician, commissioned the regular way, practicing the same specialty I do now, I trained in the service and used to also train junior doctors in my specialty. I was interested to see in the Navy.mil communication that the Navy's Surgeon General is an orthopedic surgeon I used to work with quite a lot. My feeling is that the CAPT felt he had exhausted what was possible within the chain of command and that the assitance, or timeliness of that assistance, was not going to be sufficient to meet the needs of his crew. He felt it was not going to be enough or in time. You
  13. Spent half my career as a USN officer. You didn't answer the question of what other, better, methods do you think CAPT Crozier had available to him that would get his crew ashore, that he probably hadn't tried already? I have little doubt he knew very well the consequence to his career when he wrote (and likely leaked) his email. I seriously doubt he would have ended his career if he thought he could preserve the safety of his crew in any other way.
  14. I don't know that Capt. Crozier's superiors had much choice than to sack him either, but just out of curiosity, what better ways do you think he had available to him?
  15. Dr. Oz is actually a well trained cardiac surgeon who used to be on faculty at Columbia in NYC. If I recall he even did Bill Clinton's bypass surgery. He is a legit doctor who somewhere along the way figured out there were a lot more millions in pitching a bunch of snake oil on TV and the web than in being a well respected Ivy League medical professor.
  16. It's worth a thousand Admiral flags/stars for a sendoff such as this.
  17. This is the sendoff Capt. Crozier's crew gave him (you can hear the audio if you go to the link):
  18. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/27/business/medical-supplies-export-ban/index.html
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