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  1. value for money its hard to go past a santa cruz70 if you want to enjoy offshore sailing and win !!
  2. what happened to bill muldoons "donnybrook" ?
  3. might have been a sunfish ???must have been a sense of dejavu for media whiz witty .... that was the same line his mate warro used with witty on board when scandia didnt get on the podium ... you have to feel sorry for the owner SenHui after witty spent all the $$$$..its gone up in smoke ...again he has been sharked again??
  4. Well some just keep on going i hear Antipodes has just arrived Darwin Australia on delivery from Subic Bay
  5. Donnybrook was written off back in 2010 odd when she hit the chesapeake tunnel . bought by aussie sailors geoff hill and syd fischer she was completley refurbished at crackerboys in florida in 2011-2 and then won Antigua Race week in 2012 before heading to Hong Kong . Now owned by Hill she has been competing v successfully on the Asian circuit . Currently based in Subic Bay she is on her way to OZ to race out of Darwin then back to HK to compete in the Hong Kong to vietnam race . Run by Alan[Guilty] Tillyer she is still sailing over 10,000 odd miles a year and is in Cat 1 condition U
  6. cant  be a good year for witty agree the interview was appalling ,like he  was  on something  ????


  7. yes commanche needs to be carefull out wide
  8. Scallywag seems to have a lot of issues gear and crew wise and thus results wise . have to feel sorry for Lee Seng Huang the tyro Skipper who has blown a heap of $$ on the Volvo campaign and now his 3rd attempt at Hobart be interesting to see who takes the fall for this one !!!
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