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  1. Hey Snake, How have you been? We missed you this summer....all two weeks of it. R Heard about that...it was hotter than hades out here, record hot style stuff. I'm well, just winding down after the 60+ hour weeks of the summer program here, almost 500 students total. I'm pretty tired. And how are you?
  2. Someone might get a kick out of this...Im pretty sure I just had a "Whiplash" sighting. Yep, the J35 that sailed for years in GMORA first as "Sleighride" then later as "Whiplash" and was, I am told, sold out west a couple of years ago. Ive moved to Portland OR (fantastic town) and was sailing redneck bumper boats up on the Columbia the other night when I saw a suspiciously familiar J35 in the same marina, still named "Whiplash", now cruised-out with roller furling jib and one of those cockpit awning doohickeys. Could be a coincidence but I sailed on that boat when it was "Sleighride" and I
  3. Don't know how credible my memory is but I'm 99% sure Bandito won that year.
  4. "programs" plural, I sailed on that boat when it was "Sleighride" from '84 to '86 when it was often crewed by Portland YC Jr program kids, including me, including in 2 J35 NA's. Add all the years with Southport kids and that boat might be the most oft-sailed-by-kids boat in the history of GMORA, which is really pretty awesome.
  5. Nothing new about that, Camden (and Castine for that matter) are decidedly ambivalent about GMORA and have been for years. Move all of it to Rockland I say, do two dys of round-the-buoys outside Rockland harbor with an overnight stay, that town can be pretty fun in the summer, get the Atlantic Challenge people involved, they're great people and they really support sailing...plus its closer to P Town. [/shit stirring devils advocate]
  6. The deal is, it's fun. Honestly PM pretty much anyone on this thread and they'll (probably) help you out.
  7. might be easier to list the boats that didnt break stuff on sunday....
  8. hey man good to hear you're back on the water. i keep bumping into groovy uvies various places so dont be surprised if someone tells you that some random dude told them to say hi to you.
  9. staff turnover type stuff, nothing that hasnt happened before frankly. just for some reason it always seems to happen before the season starts so everyone has to scramble.
  10. Yep, www.portlandyachtclub.com. Not sure how much regatta info they have up yet, that place is in a bit of transition at the moment.
  11. PHRF Maines are usually the shizzy izznit (well, for Maine anyway). arguably the most competitive regatta of the season.
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