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  1. How racist of you to bring up the Puerto Rican heritage of combining the wedded last names of parents. You spent enough time in Europe to know that it is a common custom between families throughout the Continent. Then you ignorantly attach her last name to a Spanish conqueror who went by the name Cortes, not Cortez. Keep posting, the humor you generate is not bad at all.
  2. Teddy is quickly becoming the most hated man in America.
  3. More Cruz, Hawley want to "break up" MLB as punishment for protesting Georgia voting restrictions Cruz, Hawley want to “break Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Mike Lee, R-Utah, introduced a bill that would end the MLB's antitrust exemption, which dates back to a 1922 Supreme Court decision, in response to its protest of the Georgia law. The senators discussed the proposed change as a matter of fairness at a news conference on Tuesday, criticizing corporations for seeking "handouts" and "subsidies," even though all three of them voted to drastically slash corporate
  4. I thought that when this issue first started, the first thing some Republicans thought was that they could threaten business with the loss of their tax deductions. It turns out this was the weakest attack point the Republicans could have used. Yet you have some who are very slow to learn. DeSantis pushes for more restrictive Florida voting laws despite rejected ballot in 2016 Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ primary ballot was rejected for not having a matching signature when he was a congressman in 2016, NBCLX reports. Why it matters: DeSantis is now at the forefront of the "voter int
  5. With their election cheating hopes dashed to hell the Republicans will have to re-invent themselves. A very tall order for people who have historically never shown any imagination at all.
  6. I find having your moniker reduced to "SoreAss" is offensive, but only marginally so.
  7. The tread title has drifted a bit, Democracy is being re-invented by Republicans, just not the Republicans you may have thought would.
  8. I think after today the Republicans will have to reinvent themselves. Mitch McConnell is going to have a hell of a time continuing as leader, and a whole host of politicians are suddenly in reelection jeopardy.
  9. Interesting video, we know the cop was fired, and the Lt has hired a lawyer, but I would be interested to see if this impacts his military career in some fashion.
  10. Oh Stop, give us something believable like Rosie O'Donnell.
  11. A service animal is trained to work with individuals with disabilities and perform tasks for them as needed. A comfort animal provides a valuable service but does not have the same status as a service dog. Who said the soldier was incapacitated due to his service? If you know something the rest of us don't know please inform us. I only pointed out the possibilities for having a service dog, he could have been transporting it for a friend for all I know.
  12. I've come to the conclusion that rednecks and police work are incompatible. At the least, they are unqualified to lecture any child on morals and common sense.
  13. Soldiers who have served in combat and have PTSD, others wounded badly enough to require assistance, use service dogs. Service dogs are the best pets because they are even tempered and well behaved, most service dogs are donated to service members, and require many months of training before they are ready to be taken home. Non profits that perform this function do their job well and are worthy of consideration when you have a few extra bucks to contribute.
  14. I'm glad that Kaiser has seen fit to give Doctor Redfield another chance to kill more people.
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