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  1. This, and the spinnaker furled and dropped right on the foredeck. And maybe the chap hanging onto the boom?
  2. Also a summer camp, on the Hudson river when I was about 12. I was completely hooked within 3 days. Then I took a long hiatus for crew (rowing), but have been back for some years now!
  3. I see your point, and definitely agree. He should have spoken privately with the group doing RC first, then made a broader announcement about doing more training, seminars, etc. Plus, understanding RC helps out with your racing technique as well.
  4. I guess this means no Retro Boat video for this old girl
  5. Doing RC is a pretty thankless job. It's easy to fuck it up, but there's no reason to go after them like that. Is your RC paid or volunteer? At my last club, for years we had one individual (who was very talented) run RC each week. I believe he received some compensation. One week, he messed something up and someone went off on him - and that was it, he quit on the spot. From then on we set up a system where teams rotated on RC duty each week. We had several training courses to go over the timing, flags, etc. There were learning pains for sure, but suffice it to say that everyone gained a
  6. Fair point, but name any organization and there's always some way in which it's corrupt. Underage trafficking is admittedly worse than mocking old men drifting around the world (when their survival is uncertain) or demanding pictures of newcomers' boobs though... As for sailing among millennials, it is sadly true that it is a rarity. But I try to work to improve that little by little when I can. Back to the main discussion point - SailGP just released the full replays of the Bermuda races, which have already gotten 37K views. Not bad, but still drastically lower than some of the sail
  7. Perhaps, but even though I'm also a millennial, I know that youtube is for quality boat vids and pornhub is for saggy tits
  8. That's largely because the Youtube algorithms use all the same buzzwords (sailing, boat, cruising, etc.) for both the millennial couple on a boat videos as well as the content that SA and other racing-oriented channels are putting out. Look at SailGP event that finished a few days ago. They have 32K subscribers and some of their videos have almost 300K views. Compare that to say La Vagabonde, which has 1.5M subs and their least-popular recent videos have 400K views. And while SailGP is one of only a few big sailing events, there are dozens of cruising couple channels popping up, all with
  9. Any time I see SJ24 in a thread title, I jump to conclusions about grifting, chickens, and buttery ashes...
  10. Thanks for the updates, and great job on the refurb! Post some pics of the interior you're working on when you get a chance
  11. How many points away above the next boat were they? Were there any other penalties (Rule 10 or otherwise) in the same event that received more or less points off? Just trying to understand
  12. I know I'm late to this party, but I also want to add my praise for Scot's effort and the Retro Boat series. I've been a regular viewer and commenter on the videos, and the production and discussion are really top notch - the kind of depth you only get from talking to other experienced sailors on the docks. My particular favorites were Taxi Dancer and Destroyer, which had some pretty wild features. I also agree with what a lot of others have said - that the vast majority of YouTube viewers on these channels are middle Americans with little to no sailing experience. They're just there to k
  13. Nice boat, but their hiking skills could use improvement.
  14. as soon as Rimas leaves port he is danger of the lee shore...you might know it by its other name....Australia Would be a shame if he drifted into the Great Barrier Reef and left a path of destruction in his "wake". Or perhaps the boat will sink just before then, and he'll swim and live among the sea critters as a merman/sea cockroach.
  15. The ladder is obviously a multi-leveled chicken perch.
  16. heck no! You are winning the internet. Every time he comments on my stuff we all high five at the sailing center I was friends with Rimas on FB for a grand total of 8 minutes. In that time he not only liked everything on my page for the past month but also creepily commented on how beautiful some pictures of me with my family were. That was the end of my friendship with King Ineptune.
  17. When asked about that, Meleshyus was undaunted by the criticism. "I no worry about it. Coast Guard always been good to me. Need to be positive, need to be good, good, good attitude," he said.
  18. Just wait - that MacGregor will be the safest place in the marina in a chemical/biological situation
  19. A bottle has a better chance. and can sail faster ......with a better chance of success "Sail" is a strong word. Please stick to "drift."
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