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  1. The circle made of green dots is on a raymarine chartplotter when you select "radar acquire target". It turns solid green when it's able to track the radar target (clouds, boat, etc). I don't know what the red circle is around the green circle. Never seen that one before.
  2. Endeavorcats are slip sized but they too suffer from a really low bridgedeck. The lightest chop will have them slamming even at anchor. These small cats are great if you can accept and work around their limitations. We have friends with a Gemini and it's a Bahamas cruising machine. The 1.5 foot draft is amazing.
  3. Tangentially if you have an existing diesel odor that you want to get rid of I can highly recommend PureAyre. Spray that shit everywhere.
  4. There's a Facebook group for Lagoon 450 owners discussing this issue and repair. So far 40-50 owners have bent or broken bulkheads. I no zilch about naval architecture or boat building but it surprises me that marine ply with very little fiberglass skin would be used for a structural component. Won't it eventually absorb water from the atmosphere (particularly in the tropics) and weaken?
  5. Hugo Hanham-Gross is my broker and this is the first year that he quoted Kemah. We were originally going to cruise the NE US coast this hurricane season so our Kemah policy was quoted at slightly less than 2% hull value. Switched back to FL and now it's 3%. The depreciation schedule for Concept was horrible. Anything other than a total loss would have them paying out peanuts.
  6. We had Concept Special Risk the last two years and switched to Kemah Marine this year. Kemah has a better depreciation schedule and didn't require a haul out survey. We've always paid 3% but we also keep the boat in FL during hurricane season. If we were in or north of the Chesapeake it would be 2%.
  7. The Iridium Go has a lithium battery but it doesn't last long. Maybe 12 hours. I have ours plugged into a usb outlet that is powered by the house batteries. For sharing your position or track you can pair it with predictwind which gives you a website like this https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/Totem SPOT also has trackers that are similar but I'm not aware of any that are indepently powered.
  8. BMV 712 if you have other Victron hardware that needs to know battery temp and amps. I would get the Balmer Sg 200 otherwise as it gives an accurate soc. Pico devices look like more complexity and $$$ than is necessary.
  9. We arrived to the Bahamas a week ago having left from Dinner Key, Miami and arriving at Great Harbour Cay Marina, Berrys. The covid entry test is annoying but manageable. We got tested at LabDoctor in Fort Lauderdale and got our results the same day.
  10. I've had good success using an oscillating multi-tool with a carbide blade for cutting stainless bolts and nuts and other shit around the boat.
  11. If all you need to power is the dehumidifier then run an extension cord from the shore power pedestal to just the dehumidifier. Keep the boat off shore power.
  12. I have the Vesper XB8000 and it's great. Another benefit is that you can hook it up to your nmea0183/2k networks and then it will echo all sentences from each onto wifi. I've got opencpn on a laptop as my backup chartplotter that has all of my network data just by connecting to the vesper wifi. A friend has the new Vesper Cortex AIS/VHF and he loves it.
  13. It's great in some areas and non existent in others based on how close you are to a Batelco tower. The explorer chart books show the location of the cell phone towers and you can probably find a map online as well but I haven't checked. In my experience if you're within 10 miles of one then you'll have great reception and bandwidth. We cruised down the Exumas last year and had good coverage throughout with the exception of the Exumas Land & Sea park where there wasn't a cell tower.
  14. We're heading to the Bahamas in Nov/Dec from the west coast of FL. Plan to stay there until June then return to the US. Hopefully they relax the entry requirements (currently negative RT-PCR covid19 test within 5 days of arrival) by then.
  15. I like the Bahamas and have friends that have snowbirded there for several years. If their covid travel requirements aren't too restrictive then we're hoping to spend the winter/spring there this year. What we like: the water/beaches are amazing, great fishing and lobstering, good snorkeling, lots and lots of anchorages. It's easy to get away from the crowd if you want. One couple we know operates around George Town. They'll spend a few days in GT provisioning and socializing and then head out for a week of remote anchoring e.g. down to the Raggeds or Jumentos. Off season you can return
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