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    Now downscaled to Laser 2000's - still fun though
  1. Hi Trisailin & WetnWild, just been looking for photos again and you've made my day! God she looks great, just like I remember her. If ever you are on the water and she's going past at full speed - please post a picture. One of the finest I've sailed, not refined but mad fun! Cheers from a Happy Welshman ;-)
  2. OK you guys, Can you help? I'm the wrong side of the planet - BUT back in the 90's crewed on Mooloolaba Fire Truck during Hamilton Island wee, and yes that beauty did 30+ knots. Most insane sailing I've ever had the privilege to do. However back then did I bother taking any pictures of her in full flight - of course not. Is there anyone out there that has photos other than the sad graveyard ne which is the only thing I can find online? You're collective help would be greatly appreciated!
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