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  1. Quote "The MiniTransat fleet pulled into Baiona to avoid heavy weather and orca attacks" Interesting... anyone else seen reporting on this? Orca bath toys ;-) https://oceancruisingclub.org/home/news/1714 ....err...ignore... just saw upthread
  2. this https://youtu.be/zshhHdxipzs Grand Soleil also have a steel grid, although theirs extends through to chainplates as well... or they used to!
  3. Ski jumping live is extremely boring and frikkin' cold... the only thing keeping the sport alive is B channel TV coverage
  4. back on topic... just had a quick glance of the number of cruising boats available on YW, down again. I expected there to be more inventory (re)appearing post the northern winter, but the numbers have dropped every week since July last year. Mostly driven by the production market, (BenJenHanDuf), the more expensive end of the market holds pretty flat. Overall down 26% from July last year. Local market pricing around the +/- 40 foot range is nuts. Have anecdotal feedback of bidding wars in some markets, Med is the only area that seems to have some price stress... likely due to Covid and o
  5. Following Covid this time last year I thought the prices would drop. As a lot of comments here have noted, the opposite happened as many decided the best way to vacation locally was on a boat. From my enquiries, there is a Northern Europe Covid premium of about 30%. Southern EU is not as strong based on no-one can travel there. Still, from conversations with 2 brokers in the last week, a lot of people are buying boats sight unseen! For what its worth, I have been doing a loose (approx weekly) track on boats for sale on Yachtworld. There is a lot wrong with this approach statistically, so
  6. some boats have fallen off, all crew have now been air lifted /rescued.
  7. Err... before and after shots show that a few have fallen off... https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/Ky4gaM/arbeidsbaat-falt-av-det-havarerte-skipet-flyter This one is still there... with the main still on??? (and coming loose by the look of it!)
  8. When you see how fast they are closing down the DTF you really get a sense of how fast these things are!!
  9. I wonder how much Burton is kicking himself for his 5hr penalty after the start!
  10. I have worked in consumer software for many years and the bugs and errors in this program are unacceptable. VR should not be taking on more races and adding to their infrastructure load if they cannot handle what is going on. Shame, but they have lost me, i have invested too much time to have crappy software execution F it up for me. I have put up with the app reloads and data missing, but I cannot tack through more than 190 degrees which makes it a little hard to progress... let alone having to babysit the thing. Good luck Mom, thx for the help, I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines!
  11. OK, thx very much! Gotta love SA ;-) should charge VR for the customer service!
  12. I am half a world behind you, but as my first try have been having fun and winning some beer bets along the way..(lost a few too but we forget them) Coming around the horn into a header, and cannot program for upwind? I have the full sail pack but not VIP. Customer service on the site does not exist. Might have something to do with the auto sail select and upwind sails?
  13. Newbie question... i have only been into this for a few weeks following beer bets :-) I cannot seem to program a course forward of the beam... Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? I have seen this raised as a bug earlier (Nov) and will be mighty pissed if I cannot fix.
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