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  1. IGES implies nothing because it is a file format that is neutral and can be read by a wide range of cad systems. I am not sure where you get the idea that the files simply defined a box rule. Each component of the wing was exactly defined and those components were a strict one design shape. To quote Seahorse https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/106-content/march-2017/460-unclipping-the-wings The shape of the components might have been fixed, by the construction and control systems weren't.
  2. All the sources say new boards and rudders have been developed and are being built at core. I think to call them "generic" is wrong, because because they are a development moving on from what teams had done for AC35. The comment I believe is that they will be faster than at AC35. As for the wing, the iges files were a 3d design that all the wings had to build to. That means the shape of each part is the same on all boats. What was not specified was the construction method or the control systems.Most knowledgeable observers suggest that nobody gained any noticeable advantage in construction but
  3. This is where you are so blinkered. The AC50 series isn't going head to head with anything to do with the America's Cup. You seem to be the only person to think that. The America's Cup is a development competition. This is being sailed in boats that will have been "equalised". The America's cup is about match racing. This is about fleet racing. The America's Cup needs a huge team. The AC50 series will not need anything more than a few sailors and a few shore team, say a total of about 10 people. You seem to be obsessed by the idea that they compete against each other. Does the GC32 series
  4. Wasn't the ETNZ boat flown in unassembled? I don't think they bothered to remove the bows, but they could have done very easily if they wanted to.
  5. I am seeing Ian Percy this evening, so I will let him know What a surprise. Better make the most of your posting opportunities, because once the announcement is made......
  6. No rumours or anything like that but a solid confirmation that the event is going to happen. To set the ground rules, how would you consider a picture from Core with a caption "we are modifying the AC50 fleet for a series that will take place next year"? Or Larry Ellison saying in an interview that there will be an AC50 series which will; be properly announced soon soon? Would you try arguing they were "rumours", gossip or hearsay?
  7. You are so confident how about this. If there is no announcement before the beginning of September, I will never post again, so long as if there is an announcement, you agree to never post again. No sock puppets etc. A simple exit and no return.How about it?
  8. I forgot. Unless it is in a press release, its not a fact Fact - when the series is announced, you are going to look even more stupid than you do already.
  9. Only in your mind. There are many different sources and they seem very consistent. What they say so far is Core are making identical foils. The boats will have identical foil control systems. The boats will have the same electrical power packs. The rest of the boats will be "equalised" so that no one boat will have an advantage, and most people will view them as being one design as per the definition you kindly gave us a link to. Work has already commenced on the boats. Ian Murray will be the event manager. Garda has been approached to be a venue, as
  10. One thing that puzzles me about this. You think that the Ac with boats that are not the same sailing one on one will be spectacular, yet you think that a fleet of equally fast boats that have had their performance equalised won't be. Most people would think it would be the other way around. Close racing at high speed will always be better than one on one with big gaps, as we saw in the last edition. Most races were a boring procession and it was only a few extraordinary races such as between ETNZ and Artemis that were real edge of the seat stuff.
  11. More stupidity and irrational comments. Why do you think the series won't happen unless the boats are identical. Anybody with any common sense wouldn't care less if they were identical or not because that is irrelevant. What is more important is whether one boat will be faster than another. Anyway, the owners and people putting up the money have already spoken, because the boats are being modified right now and the series is being put together. they don't seem to care if the boats are identical. You do know there is very little racing where the boats are identical, don't you? As for
  12. The biggest difference between the 2 was the ability to get hydraulic fluid to the actuators in the wing. As is now well known, BAR had real problems with hydraulics that they never fully solved. By using a battery and the same/similar hydraulic systems, that limitation will be removed and the wings will perform in a very similar manner.
  13. Thanks for providing that link. Now I suggest you read it. Try this particular part In the one design classes listed above, there are those that allow different sailmakers (using different designs) and some that low different mast makers. You are allowed different fit outs of control systems. As I said above and is confirmed by the link you provided. "one design" does not have to be identical.
  14. Yet more evidence that you don't know much. Check out how the term one design is used in the sailing world. One design does not mean everything is identical. Are you really that ignorant?
  15. All you seem to be able to do is nit pick. Do you realise that the wings are close enough to each other that nobody is going to be concerned by the differences. The only differences in the wings are the control systems and the only wing that had any meaningful differences won't be there. Maybe it's not your definition of strict one design, but for the rest of the world, we will worry about things that will make a difference to performance. Get the foil package the same and the foil control package the same and you will have boats where the differences in performance are down to the crew. that'
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