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  1. What's the spread in TCF on all of those ? ANY rating system can work in narrow ranges with similar hulls, rigs, SA/D; your example is therefore meaningless (See my first post above) Where are the heavy displacement family cruisers or IOR or CCA designs ? How about multi-hulls as was part of the OP? How do you rate a boat that foils at 20 kts TWS but not at 15? What about "cat ketches" ?
  2. Just another Democrat convicted criminal, multiply re-elected to higher office, nothing unusual or noteworthy, move along
  3. Actually while they are based on totally different methods, both have the premise of predicting performance at some point or range of conditions. As such they are similar in intent, and the differences in actuality vs conditions are widely debated elsewhere. Trying to use any rating to compare very different types and/or sizes of vessel in a variety of conditions is a challenge. With an absolutely accurate VPP, you could presumably do it if you had absolutely accurate conditions data. With good observational data PHRF gets reasonably accurate over the years, as the subjectivity gets ground awa
  4. Foiling is included for completeness... you can buy them now, and the contrast in recent AC between displacement and foiling modes highlights the difficulty. In 15 kts TWS, at 90 deg TWA, Lioness would be powered up and going 7.5 kts in a roar of quarter wave that would swamp a J-24. at 60deg TWA, or 120 TWA that probably drops to 6.5 kts. At 25 kts we are still going about 8 max. you guys would probably be going triple to 4x that.
  5. You are fighting a non linear problem with linear tools: PHRF and other ratings with VPP's work reasonably well for incremental conditions over moderate ranges: Nobody Planing Everybody Planing/not Foiling Everybody Foiling Trying to rate when some people are foiling and others are in displacement mode would be very difficult, due to hysteresis, and the problem of picking which number(s) to use based on Wind speed(s) at time(s) & location(s) for a 1 mile W/L course that could be done at the starting line, for a 100 mile random leg course or a pursuit
  6. Ah no, but consider that this is a reaction to HR1 blatant power grab. It's time to clean out the house, and realize that the US is one of the few places in the civilized world where elections are routinely vulnerable to systematic fraud due to lack of identification.
  7. Just hooked up a Masterbilt "dual fuel" smoker. Basically 24" square, 40 " tall box, with propane heating a pan that holds wood chips, under a tray that can hold water/juice/wine with 4 shelves for payload. I haven't done a brisket in a smoker in > 5 years since giving up my Bradley electric "puck" model when moving from single family to condo's and now back to single family. This is a bit more labor intensive, to setup the flame and drafts to get temperature and the wood chips don't have the ability to stack different wood flavors at 20 minute intervals as you could do in the Bradley
  8. Found a “Universal” brand hose with correct fittings and a matching female quick connect at Home Depot in the grill section. Realize that unlike hydraulic, pressure washer and pneumatic quick connections these don’t have intrinsic shut off. You need a separate valve. RV dealers only had hoses with a larger flange than standard automotive or industrial pneumatics, no supply side fittings in stock. Quick Connect Brass Fitting https://www.homedepot.com/p/206338747
  9. Some of the folks here may also have RV experience, and that seems to be where the quick connects are more common.
  10. Ready for the “last 10 feet” of the propane connections. Have “high pressure 1/2” CTS at 10 psi to regulator, down to 10 inch water column pressure. Ending in a 1/2” NPT nipple. I can find “quick disconnect” fittings in 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. what size fitting & hose for 4 burner gas grill smoker ”fire bowl” ?
  11. Do share, some of us are out of the range of reasonable postage.
  12. Offer to come to Little River, SC and get some onboard experience on Lioness is still open. As regards "waddling at 6 kts" above, we regularly topped 7 and the reaching polars go to 8.5 above 20kts. I've surfed INSIDE SF bay crossing the slot, and was able to sail very competitively at the 168 PHRF rating above 10 kts TWS. Mizzen staysail is one of those sails that you will find more useful than you would expect, easily set and struck singlehanded and adds quite a bit of offwind range without handling and rig stress of a spinnaker Ease of divided rig sail handling and ease of motion
  13. Your jib sheet would go through a normal (in hauler then) sheet lead block and then to the foot block, from there to either side of cockpit or cabin top? Guessing your #2 the cabin top would be more of a 135 degree turn, the cross cockpit about a 100 degree turn and using the leeward winch a 150 - 180 degree turn? Your "double foot" block sounds like the "turning blocks" of old where there were two sheaves to allow peels and potentially the various winch choices mentioned. Just realize that the load on the 180 degree turn is 2x the sheet load...
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