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  1. "Refusal to pay for" is essentially "refusal to treat" with the skewed pricing of at least US hospitals. (Look into the "discounts" that insurance pays vs the listed prices that walk ins are charged). All services are subject to economic scarcity, be it ICU care, or repairing the potholes in your roads. The allocations of services based on a public funding system is necessarily political; the roads in front of the donors and swing voters will get paved first, before the ones in the poor sections. Cancer research funding will follow the donations, and activism disproportionately to th
  2. As noted by Brass above, but generally glossed over. What was banned: Boat or Individual? You can ban a competitor &/or a boat though the latter is a bit more rare, and probably should be for "whole crew" misbehavior vs annoying owner. You generally score the boat. If the boat does not validly compete due to the banned individual's presence you can arguably disqualify If the boat showed without th banned individual they should be scored.
  3. Cutty Sark et al long since won that contest. we bumped the Sprit out 30% of J on Lioness, just about 5’2”
  4. Your N2K should not be affected by 0183 unless you are getting conflicting data. Is your AIS hooked to both 2000 and -0183 ?
  5. The data goes over ethernet, the control over N2K I think. That may include aligning data to heading when you are underway.
  6. Depends on the power drawn. If you have a large number of buss fed loads, then you probably want the low loss. Basically do that to start and then don't worry that adding the next gadget gives you low voltage....
  7. Think a bit about future expansion. The basic speed, depth, wind transducers are pretty generic, as you have noted. You WILL want a fluxgate such as the Precision 9, to augment the gps in your Zeus. And splitting the screen with chart and number panels is easy. a baroplug gives pressure and air temp, trend them on your Zeus long time plots. AIS IS a nice to have as an overlay, as is Radar and forward scan when you venture into thin water. Tying the data together for derived values such as TWA, TWD has benefits, especially when you trend them, to track weather.
  8. Gosh, I'm sorry, didn't see the invitation. Will be happy to stop by next time I'm in town. Putting together the Race & delivery crews for the CRW at this point.
  9. Um... why do you want to distract the helmsman with next leg AWA, AWS info? Showing them the NL course (way point Bearing) is reasonable. After rounding the Course to Steer is excellent that's much more appropriately displayed on the Tablet that echo's the Zeus screen for somebody (tactician ?) to figure out sails to bring on deck and prepare for hoisting. S
  10. What kind of racing ? At the club level with similar budgeted boats they are fine.
  11. Need to buy/make the spinnaker staysail to complement
  12. Get a slip near the outer end of your dock, so you have as few other boats to worry about on the aide you want to exit. Ideally get a slip where the prevailing wind blows onto your bow. Not only will that aid in ventilation, and wind storms, it's going to help you back out, and with some careful line handling help control boat in to and out of slip Put fender wheel(s) on slip so you can confidently lay along side and pivot around corner
  13. All set, got a response from John Lucas. We’ll probably be in spinnaker fleet, and working on > 4 sails flying off wind
  14. The disruption of supply chains, between ports which are short staffed, truckers leaving the field and a few transcontinental rail lines will pale if a fuel shortage due to over regulation and a pipeline/refinery sabotage takes down the abilities to deliver the last 10 km. The most likely to experience this are those that voted for it, so there’s at least some poetic justice.
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