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  1. generally they have all electric (110/220V) kitchens and want their AC running
  2. The over the road truck platoon concept: one driver, sleeping in the lead truck, multiple subordinate units i trail, he's there to handle exceptions
  3. A = dV/dt or 60/2 = 30mph/sec or 44 ft/sec^2 as 1 G is 32 ft/sec^2 that's a bit less than 1.5G Top fuel is going 1000ft in < 4 sec. Since d=1/2 at^2 or 1000 *2 /16 = a ~ 120 FT/SEC^2 OR JUST ABOUT 4G. Sticky tires are able to pull coefficients of friction > 1
  4. Um bullshit on your call... I am one of those "semiconductor guys" and let's just say that the continued innovations in power electronics, will improve efficiency but never equal that of an ICE running locally. Every time you have to convert, store, retrieve, convert power, you have losses. Some systems are less lossy than others, but batteries are not among them. EV's make sense to export pollution from dense areas. If you have an available low pollution power system to recharge, then they might actually reduce it. in the SFBAY that's basically a Nuclear plant at Berkeley Marina o
  5. At this point, given the Solenoid shut off wire failure, I am wondering if that had been intermittent and the root cause of all the fun.... Certainly learned a lot about the engine the last 6 months.
  6. Was told by an unaffiliated independent mechanic that it might have been their travel lift dude.
  7. And an update: Went to race back on 7/10 and had the engine quit while still in the slip during my traditional 5 min warmup Found a few anomalies: Tank was "full" and quite a bit of that (perhaps 1/3) was water Theory is that the 20 + yr old O-Ring on the deck fill was devitrified +/or the plate was not fully tightened Significant rains will submerge deck plate while draining via scupper and it rained hard in Early July. Additional issues probably from from Yard visit: Overflow hose for coolant was not connected, and may have ex
  8. Well he does have a positive view of that which he runs...
  9. Forever and ever Forever and ever Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
  10. We "furl" the attached cover and pull the lazy jacks to the gooseneck after hoisting.
  11. any suggestions for good marine plywood vendor(s) between Raleigh NC and Savannah, GA? Probably need 4-6 sheets of 1/4"/6mm and one of 1/2:/12mm also would want some dimensional teak or similar for a stitch & glue dinghy project if I go forward with it. willing to drive that distance from Myrtle Beach with a minivan & 6x10' trailer to get supplies as needed.
  12. Had the thought of a mating bulkhead. Will look at design. Happy to buy plans.
  13. Having the fun of a diesel fuel tank that recently picked up quite a bit of water from what appears to be a 20+ yr old deck plate O-ring and intense rains. Retrospectively this is something that should have been replaced a while back, they are even in stock at WestMarine. What suggestions on commonly overlooked maintenance items? I'll put these out: Water level in batteries Charger fuses, and all battery connections Oil level in engine and transmission Coolant level in engine and overflow Tape on rigging cotter pins Lifeline and Standing Rigg
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