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  1. Hitchens Razor applies, and the effects of 50 years of progressives dominating education has lead to the results you cite, belief if fairy tales over reality, Politics instead of science, much lower literacy, reduced competence in STEM. Nice work Professor !
  2. No reason to pick on little Robert, his anger is due to his short comings....
  3. Krugman ? The original poster child for Nobels being political prizes, and that every year somebody gets one in Economics ? I studied at Rensselaer, as elective courses in an Engineering curriculum. Gailbraith? He was irrelevant before my courses in mid '70's, That there are dozens of economists who propose failing policies is manifest in many places. Even with the compulsion of "Men with guns" the "cold dead hand" stifles innovation and squanders productivity. You could ask the Kulaks, if you could find any.
  4. You missed that poll on Cookies favored by 100% of toddlers. when you ask irresponsible people (also known as those who will respond to polls) questions about whether other people should pay their costs for them, you get the kind of answers you cite. When your politics are once again validating Kipling's "Gods of the Copybook Headings" you are not on a good path.
  5. We understand your challenges, but they are ones you have brought on yourself. We have recently elected Democrats here, in an attempt to allow you and the rest of the world to catch up. Please don't dwaddle about it.
  6. Oh my, clearly you have never passed an economics course based on more than belief...
  7. Another way of kissing real prosperity good bye... as collective based economies have never been efficient nor effective
  8. Your former owner may or may not have the yard bills, after 20 years, I sure don't. The purpose of a survey is much like that of inspecting a house; to identify hidden reasons you should NOT buy it, and document that condition for insurance. If you have doubts before survey, that's a hint you probably want to re-think. If the survey (which is essentially an audit of the listing,) comes back with no unexpected problems, that's what you want. If it finds unstated problems, then you can discuss the adjustment of the contract. Either walk away, require proof of resolution or reduction
  9. What's the spread in TCF on all of those ? ANY rating system can work in narrow ranges with similar hulls, rigs, SA/D; your example is therefore meaningless (See my first post above) Where are the heavy displacement family cruisers or IOR or CCA designs ? How about multi-hulls as was part of the OP? How do you rate a boat that foils at 20 kts TWS but not at 15? What about "cat ketches" ?
  10. Just another Democrat convicted criminal, multiply re-elected to higher office, nothing unusual or noteworthy, move along
  11. Actually while they are based on totally different methods, both have the premise of predicting performance at some point or range of conditions. As such they are similar in intent, and the differences in actuality vs conditions are widely debated elsewhere. Trying to use any rating to compare very different types and/or sizes of vessel in a variety of conditions is a challenge. With an absolutely accurate VPP, you could presumably do it if you had absolutely accurate conditions data. With good observational data PHRF gets reasonably accurate over the years, as the subjectivity gets ground awa
  12. Foiling is included for completeness... you can buy them now, and the contrast in recent AC between displacement and foiling modes highlights the difficulty. In 15 kts TWS, at 90 deg TWA, Lioness would be powered up and going 7.5 kts in a roar of quarter wave that would swamp a J-24. at 60deg TWA, or 120 TWA that probably drops to 6.5 kts. At 25 kts we are still going about 8 max. you guys would probably be going triple to 4x that.
  13. You are fighting a non linear problem with linear tools: PHRF and other ratings with VPP's work reasonably well for incremental conditions over moderate ranges: Nobody Planing Everybody Planing/not Foiling Everybody Foiling Trying to rate when some people are foiling and others are in displacement mode would be very difficult, due to hysteresis, and the problem of picking which number(s) to use based on Wind speed(s) at time(s) & location(s) for a 1 mile W/L course that could be done at the starting line, for a 100 mile random leg course or a pursuit
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