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  1. However by some magic I am getting an SWR of 0.7
  2. Actually chay, if there were a way I would rather find an antenna to reduce satellite reception. I would rather my AIS signal was just for its intended purpose and if I want anyone outside my immediate vicinity to know where I am I can use other means.
  3. Ypu really think they are not using Marine traffic type info ?
  4. Alex is getting far too much sleep, has anyone checked his watch batteries yet?
  5. you can track the IMOCAs that are sailing back here http://yb.tl/imoca_tjv2019
  6. From the article "The 606nm Rolex Middle Sea Race, one of the offshore classics that is essentially a clockwise circumnavigation of Sicily " I am fairly sure I went counter clockwise, not that it did me any good.
  7. I have a B&G H5000 pilot with a hercules procesor and a 6 axis compass (not sure why it is called a compass). Heel is certainly used as an input. So I would imagine all modern pilots would also have this, difficult to see how else they could control things so effectivly.
  8. Looking at the pics the foils look very long. Maybe long enough so if the exposed bit is damaged there is still enough left to deploy to be useful? Bit like some craft knives.
  9. Do you mean they move the RDR date, I hope not as I have that on my current plan.
  10. Plus fill the leward balast tanks and stack anything movable to leward.
  11. That can work both ways at present but will dissapear once th UK is out of the EU making visits for boats with suspect VAT status less problamatic. At present French boats purchased through their 50% VAT reduction scheme have had problems when visiting UK shores.
  12. Not that I can see. Rule C6 says either Electric or diesel and then goes on about power and duration but not mention that there has to be diesel if main is electric
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