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  1. sailor-cfn

    Ineos Hygienics

    Which was named for a part of the world, which was named for an Italian sailor, bringing this all full circle.
  2. sailor-cfn

    Prada Cup

    Not to stir shit, but is there anybody from outside NZ which feels like LR is in the wrong? I'm a mild INEOS fan (as in, I don't really give a fuck who wins, but was mildly hoping it was them), but find LR's position appropriate - if there are rules in place, and nothing preventing the regatta from proceeding under those rules, why should it be delayed? There are also reason for continuing regardless of the fairness of abiding by the rules agreed to - what if next week the C19 situation gets worse, and the government decides to ban all sporting events, what if that ban happens two days into the AC itself? Better to get these races on now, while it is possible. I also got to say that I find the tone, or rather emotion, in the ACE press release - - to be so infantile.
  3. sailor-cfn

    Kids Books about Sailing

    That is on heavy rotation in my house, though the kids call it "Tiddly Idly" (the name of the boat). It is really meant to be read outline, in your best approximation of a Mainer, just like this, sound effects and all.
  4. sailor-cfn

    Flotsam and Jetsam

    With enough coconuts, you can do pretty well -
  5. sailor-cfn

    Exuma, Bahamas small boat rental I've read a few articles about folks renting their boats for weekly trips - - maybe you can rent one for a day or two. That trip is on my bucket list.
  6. sailor-cfn

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    What size you recommend for 2 adults and 2 kids?
  7. sailor-cfn

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    Can that fit on the bow? At my marina I can't keep a dinghy in the slip, otherwise I think a RIB would work great.
  8. sailor-cfn

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    2 adults, 2 kids. Primary use for the dinghy will be for short day sails to the beach.
  9. sailor-cfn

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    Need to land on beaches. Sandy, but small rocks and other beach junk.
  10. sailor-cfn

    Catalina 30, dinghy needed

    I have a Catalina 30, mk 2, and need a dinghy which can be stored aboard. Was thinking maybe the Porta Bote, but wasn't sure if there was space enough to unfold it on the foredeck. Similar thoughts about the F-Rib. Anyone have experience with either? Anyone have a setup which works for them?
  11. sailor-cfn

    Craigslist Finds

    Thistle in RI JY 15 in Connecticut
  12. sailor-cfn

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    How about a boat you can carry to the dock in pieces and then assemble? Like an inflatable- or a two part dinghy -
  13. sailor-cfn

    Andy Warhol's Boat Beggers

    How is this any different than the generation or two which came before and funded their trips writing articles and books? The medium has changed, and the publisher has become dintermediated, but the concept is exactly the same.
  14. sailor-cfn

    Craigslist Finds

    Free Finn hull in Rhode Island: Interclub in Massachusetts:
  15. sailor-cfn

    Sailing Dinghy Recommendations

    I'd you're in the northeast, especially Maine, take a look at a Puffin: They're often avaliable on craigslist. No personal experience. Btw. Dyer Dhow (9 foot) will plane on a beam reach in 20 kts.