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  1. Questions 100 and 101.... makes one wonder if this was a targeted poll..
  2. No, on my planet first time offenders, usually for a gram of coke, paid a fine, probation, and did the community service thing along with some NA time. Any incompetent PD could get this for anyone in most of your urban areas like Wall Street..
  3. These thing are pretty cool too... Vixen... https://www.motor1.com/photo/4466354/1986-vixen-21-td-for-sale/
  4. This is what you meet This is what you wake up next to
  5. They won't... it is just the nature of the beast..
  6. Didn't the dems vote for the witness subpoenas? Where were you that day? BTW... you change your handle to Triple B... Beef, Breast, and Bullshitters.... you are doing gods over on GA..
  7. Or, lets see if we can drag this out to the 2022 mid-terms.
  8. Depends... are we talking your garden variety USA redhead? I have found the Norwegian (Viking) red heads to be a handful as they already have some of that Berzerker blood in them. Dutch redheads tend to be tall and very athletic... better be on you A game. Believe it or not, the German/Austrian Gingers are the most tame... you just need to sleep with one eye open if you cross them... thank goodness for the German rail system being so punctual for the get-a-way.
  9. Kind of sucks to be sentenced to potential death for raping and then brutally murdering a 10 year old.. A guy going to prison for buying a gram of coke..... lets just say this is not his first encounter with the judicial system.
  10. When I have traveled to South America and Africa I see more Toyota 4-wheel drive vehicles over anything else... and we're not talking about new ones either... Just saying.....
  11. How many remember this And did Hustler do the Beaver Hunt?
  12. Had the smaller one when I lived in LGB..... got it for free from my neighbor. He was going to toss it, all I had to do was help him get it out of the house... he was getting one of those new Viking thingies... It was missing a few pieces that I was able to get form some place in Burbank that rebuilt these things and a few days to get it cleaned up it looked almost as good as yours... Does that shelve fold down and cover the burners? Are the cooking time a temps still on the oven door? When we sold the house we sold the stove with it, as it was part of the charm... silly me
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