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  1. Reference Medicare thread.. Friend I knew from the neighborhood that eventually ended up in CA too.. Graduated from Santa Clara University, then USC Law where he meet his future gold digging coke whore backstabbing cunt of an ex-wife. She was from South Orange County... go figure! We should have known there was an issue with him, as his sister and I were talking one day how he could polish off a 5th of Southern Comfort and still function, and this was at age 18. Hard to believe he functioned and did as well as he did with the drinking problem.. Anyway, mean ole Mr. Booze go
  2. With this being the last year for the Finn in the Olympics is the Finn soon to become a member of the Dead Boat Society? I know there is a move a foot to start making them in in the US, but is this a lot a little too late? Thought, comments, opinions?
  3. Love the pilot's swagger in the response to ATC... like yeah, I am the biggest MoFo in the sky.. that's right
  4. Had a 124 take off from KLGB one day.... effing ground shook, dogs were howling, car alarms were going off, windows were shaking, felt like a 8.9 quake. These are some big MoFos. This one above a 225.... even bigger... and they say size doesn't matter
  5. Thanks D... not indigent. Would have been if I and his sister didn't step in. Thanks everyone else for the PM's appreciate it.
  6. As some of you here know, I have conservatorship over a friend that drank himself crazy... korsakoff syndrome... Long an short, he is at the age where I need to get him singed up for Medicare. I get the application process, but what should I be looking at for the supplemental stuff... Sorry I too lazy and busy to rifle through this today or this week and I calling on the SA brain trust and experience to help out here.. Rcomendations? Thanks
  7. So from what I am understanding there are two mast for the Megabyte, on for the original rig MK1 and one for the fully battened sail MKII which has more flex. Do you know what upper section you were using?
  8. Specially for a laser... probably cost more that the boat https://www.trailex.com/products/pc/Single-Ultra-Light-Duty-Carrier-for-Laser-SUT-250L-7p54.htm
  9. Always loved the B&W glamor shots... Cedars Sinai in LA has these on the walls in the "staff" cafeteria... they are very cool, tastefully done, and really shows the true beauty. Carol Lombard and Marlene Dietrich were pretty darn hot, even by today standards
  10. Of course that would be your first remark... pathetic as always with no real grasp of the situation.
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