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  1. I would venture to guess there is probably a backlog on elective procedures that this is not on anyone radar right now?
  2. Hughs XF-111 duble the truble - duble the fun
  3. Nickerson Gardens in So-Central Los Angeles is still going strong..
  4. Section 8 is not just goverment owned property and has been the model for as long as I can remember, and is still going strong. The program allows low-income tenants to rent market-rate apartments, houses, or other multi-family units from private landlords. Tenants pay between 30 and 40 percent of their household’s income towards rent and utilities; Area Housing Authority pays the difference directly to the landlord. Because tenants always pay a percentage of their income, instead of a fixed amount, their home remains affordable to them even if their income decreases. The problem wit
  5. No streriod injections to treat it? I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist.. aka St. James cyst... it got the name because they use to whack it with the St. James Bible to get rid of.. seriously It was treated by not treating it and eventually in went away. Not to be Captain Obvious, but have you talked to a dermatologist about it?
  6. Welfare (public assistance) and Section 8 housing come to mind as programs already in place.
  7. To the west of you there is Marsh Creek, and the Marsh Creek Sailing Club has an active Laser Fleet #489 I think you can store your boat there too, and no jet skies to content with. http://www.mcsailingclub.org/ As a reference, from Ardmore to boat in the water (Prindle 16 at the time) was about a 90 minutes in 1994. To the north there is Nockamixon and I believe they too have a Laser fleet.. I have sailed there a few times and it was always good. Have fun...
  8. Tempelhof during the Berlin airlift - Operation VITTLES? I always look close at these photos hoping one time I will se my father... One of the few things he shared "war stories" about with us..
  9. We're good. or should I say always good.... I know when we post shit here it is not personal..
  10. Thanks... He wasn't eligible for the SS benefits yet.. we went before a commissioner and he was lucid enough that was denied. He can still work, just not practicing law... . Korsakoff's effects the memory.. he can remember stuff we did as kids right to the minute detail which he always could... but short term is shot.. I could put an ace of spades on the table let him look at it, pick it up, and ask what card card was on the table to which he'll respond "what card!" And here is a hearty ho-oh go fuck yourself right back at ya
  11. The mast alone is worth the price of admission... https://sailingtexas.com/202101/sarc22101.html
  12. Double thanks... you got one... a Finn that is?
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