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  1. So a muslim congress woman posts anti semitic comments and I'm despicable for postulating there might be a connection between her faith and her racism? Now a congressman of palestinian descent turns out to be a never Trumper and I'm despicable for considering his heritage might be connected? You are always searching for the next reason to hate. It is a defining characteristic of liberalism to always want to be outraged at something or someone. As if your self esteem comes from defining others as more flawed than you. Misery like company. Liberals pretend to be tolerant, forgiv
  2. WTF is wrong with you. He has palestinian and Syrian parents. My comment is about as offensive as saying I bet that Ilhan Omar views of jews is related to her ethnicity. You really are a idiot. I mean I always knew that, but sometimes you really dot the i's and cross the t's on that fact.
  3. I saw the dumbest thing ever the other night. The MSNBC panel called the tariffs a hidden tax on consumers. The expert's reasoning was that the manufacturer, exporter and reseller will all just pass the tariff along to the customer. His exact words were "The chinese won't be paying the tariff, we will." On the same network in a later segment they opined that the economy was not benefiting workers. The evil corporations were making too much money and should pay higher salaries and tax. Predictably , this time no one said "The corporations won't be paying the wage or tax increase,
  4. No. His success is all his. So are his failures I gave the main reason his gaming empire failed. He was not alone. a number gaminings top companies opened and closed casinos during the same period. That Trump bounced back is a story in itself. Would you take advice from Warren Buffet? Warren Buffett’s failures: 15 investing mistakes he regrets Laura Woods, GOBankingRates 2:30 PM ET Fri, 15 Dec 2017 Warren Buffett's secret to investing lays in the game of baseball Warren Buffett's secret to investing lays in the game of baseball Warren Buffett is quite possibly the
  5. Atlantic city was a huge miscalculation and he lost biggly. The economy soured, multiple other states opened up to gambling and especially damaging to Atlantic city was the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. Las Vegas had developed other draws such as shows and conventions etc which help stave off the worse for them. Atlantic city had little of that to fall back on. New Jersey also whiffed on promises to invest in urban renewal of Atlantic City and the infrastructure supporting the industry. But the nail in Trump's gaming empire coffin was probably the loss of his management bra
  6. Then why are you loony lefties so desperate to measure Trump by his wealth? I'm not the one that started this thread or cares. You and the NY Times are the ones that went there. Plus, since the IRS, and every other government agency has not has not charged or convicted Trump of tax dodging, money laundering, bank fraud, campaign finance violations I guess he is just as moral and honest as you are.. Scratch that. You just falsely and maliciously tried to smear Trump with lies. That makes Trump MORE moral and honest than you are. Shame on you.
  7. Trump's net worth $3.1 billion according to Forbes as of 5 March 2019, whereas Bloomberg estimated his wealth at $2.8 billion. "Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities." Let's compare your score to Trump's Trump you Billionaire ___________________ Private 757 Jet ___________________ Real Estate ___________________ Multiple Golf resorts ___________________ Name on many lux hotels ___________________ President of America ___________________
  8. The left is so sad. No ethics. Hypocrisy in abundance. And then there is this ... Who's yer President Baby? The guy owns golf clubs all over the world, some of the most expensive real estate in NYC, His name is on ultra luxury hotels and apartments all over the world and the man delt his way into the presidency of the United States of America. Seems like a winning streak to me. Everyone know that Atlantic city almost destroyed him. Only it didn't. This is gonna make it harder for those busy Dees in congress to get his real returns. I'm curious about something. Ass
  9. Please tell me that is the latest cockamamie argument by the blue junkies? Can evil shapeshifters from space be far behind.
  10. I finally get it the Drips are Lefty tears. Aw you poor lads and lassies.
  11. In the Trump era accusations and especially fake accusations constitute a conviction. We don't need no stink'n trials.
  12. I love this thread. The lefty self flagellation thread. Where Loony Liberals are gluttons for punishment and voluntarily subject themselves to the Drip Drip Drip of Chinese water torture.
  13. Seriously ... If you are not used to them calling you a racist yet you never will be.
  14. Yes Yes Address 300 years All Blacks. However. This burden does not belong just to this generation. Maybe they are the least culpable. America has already given the black community trillions of compensatory reparation through and endless list of programs and affirmative actions. What ever calculation is made needs to account for that. It must be a mutual agreement. It can not be some sort of validation for continuing racism lastly it should be an annuity over generations that is given to a the black community not individuals. The u
  15. Old thread. And it starts with fake news from the NY Times. Bump stocks work by harnessing a firearm’s recoil energy to slide it back and forth to bump against a squeezed trigger, so that it keeps firing without any need for the shooter to pull the trigger again. Associated Press It is exactly because it requires the finger to pull the trigger each time a round is fired that it was legal in the first place.All the NEWS that is fit to print. Ha.
  16. See I knew there was evidence. Brett even kept souvenirs ...
  17. He attended Drug them and Rape them parties every week in school. Hundreds of witness have come forward to corroborate the accusations. Lear 8-track and Sony Beta tapes have surfaced of him beating women senseless and raping them. When you add up all the crazy accusations there has to be troves of witnesses and Polaroids of his shenanigans. And of course let'us not forget Julie Swetnick & Michael Avenatti,
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