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  1. And now we get to see her every time we open this thread for the next 90 odd posts.
  2. Bruce Cockburn at the Ontario Place Forum
  3. If it sees its own shadow does that mean six more weeks of winter?
  4. On the contrary. 20+ years ago installed a beautiful yellow granite counter top for a posh client on a Friday afternoon. Monday morning angry voice messages about stained countertops. They had a party. Red wine stains, olive oil rings, lemon etched ring from half lemon left overnight. Sod that. End of my inclination toward natural stone. Lets not forget the crystal stemware put down too hard either. Just my opinion.
  5. And in Canada you can grow your own!
  6. Yes. All true and the world as we know it still continues. No cataclysms, no reefer madness,no bolts of lightening but yet Canada as we know still exists. And still saying sorry too. What, in the blink of an eye two years you expect a government administered roll out to eliminate a decades old black market. I admire your optimism.
  7. I am pretty sure nobody in any country finds that a tolerable death count. The problem is that Mexico is just the latest death zone in the worldwide effort to get drugs to Americans and others who demand them. Asian triads, Afghan warlords, Columbian cartels, BC bud producers. Are there enough B-BILLIONS in your war chest to get them all. Talk about Wack a mole.
  8. At least there is currently not a war on homelessness. As much fun as debating that societal ill would be let's stick to the current topic ie. WOD.
  9. At least homelessness is not illegal or harming me. Not to wander into the weeds too far but providing shelter beds does not equal desire to use them. Curfews, no alcohol, theft of meagre possessions etc.
  10. I don't want anyone shooting up in the streets hence my support for SIS.
  11. Yes. Harm reduction also means removing the stigma associated with it. Perfectly normal high functioning drug addicts already surround us. Doctors, nurses, lawyers etc can all have an addiction to illegal street drugs.
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