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  1. Sounds nice in theory, but if I were a betting man, I would bet most of my money on this failing as it would needlessly criminalise people and give organised crime a HUGE source of revenue and will probably contribute to even more dangerous fags because who the fuck is going to regulate what proper crims' put in their 'marlboro' ciggies. I wish New Zealand the best with this endeavour though.
  2. Alright, so who's going for it this coming winter.
  3. If you were to improve the hull of Te Rehutai, here's what I would do. Based on my gut feeling and zero experience in aerodynamics. Although I am very interested in it, maybe I understand it better than the average joe... idk, aerodynamics is so fucking complicated. Anyway here goes. -'pinch' the stern around the blue lines to reduce surface area, a bit like Prada B2. -increase the radius of the edge around the yellow line to reduce pressure around that area when tacking/gybing, creating a smoother transition for the air that's not doing anything to the air around the cockpits
  4. some fast shit. They ought to put a couple engines instead of grinders, some aero fairings, go fast stripes and try to beat the speed record.
  5. What's going on with Corum? is it still IMOCA single handed or is it on this The Ocean Race malarkey?
  6. Looks v. nice. Lets hope it doesn't hit a wave or something.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/COKzAWOIoiP/?igshid=1xmd2816e1uwd BP 11. Now with more zip ties.
  8. This is AC silly season. Nothing concrete will happen for another year/18 months. We have to find something to complain about.
  9. Never been to a music concert. Don’t like them, but Le Bourget 2013 definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest. I saw an A380 go vertical. An Su-35S deafen me, Rafale, P-38. Super Constellation. All sorts. It was fucking awesome.
  10. We only do Dean Barker bashing over here.
  11. Have you seen Te Rehutai? And from what we know, she’s not slow.
  12. Well. We almost got to the Cup. I think the debrief is going to be particularly harsh as it’s hard to see where they made big ass mistakes. Sure they had a slow boat but what were the fundamental mistakes that led them to making a slow boat? It’s hard to see them.
  13. I’m pretty sure they can sail with a deeper main. What surprised me the most is LR were NOT easing the main out of a tack/gybe and UK was. That’s really weird, and I bet there’s some pretty nice gains to be made from changing that.
  14. Compared to Lr, Ben’s main looked flat as fuck. It looked flat even compared tk what they were running in the round robins. Also LR were pointing slightly closer to the wind and weren’t losing ANY distance in tacks/gybes. I think UK boat handling was worse than team handbag by a considerable amount in AC terms.
  15. What makes the America’s Cup what it is and what separates it from all other sports is precisely what Ratcliffe dislikes in this article. The fact that it is unfair. Besides war, it is the apotheosis of design competition. It’s not about the best sailors, it never has been. I sincerely hope it remains this way. Although a bit of stability in the class of boat would be nice. Besides if he wants F1 on water. Go to the TP52’s. They are precisely that. Extremely stable regs, lots of teams, the pinnacle of modern yacht design as we know it, while still being relatable to what boaties have in
  16. It's part and parcel of the AC, in fact, lawyer'ing up is what sets the AC apart from any other sporting competition.
  17. They've done it before in racing when immediately or almost immediately tacking/gybing after a mark rounding or in similar quick 1-2 manoeuvres in the start box.
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