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  1. This, despite being humiliated for lack of a better term in the semis by ETNZ, Ben Ainslie still managed to win a majority of his starts against Pete who was in a boat that miles better. Pete is by no means bad, and is still abso-fucking-lutely world class but Ben and Giles are simply better right now. Let's hope they can bring a fast boat.
  2. Patriot looks really nice. But I must say if Luna Rossa painted there's in chrome silver like their cat, then that would be my pick.
  3. Is the boat on permanent display? And where is it in Naples? Cool photos.
  4. And they have the coolest looking pair of AC75's in the field. Althout Prada b2 comes close.
  5. Despite having arguably the best boat handling and the best afterguard of the cup (in ac35, Ben and Giles were winning their prestarts against Burling) my feeling is that Ineos still have a LOT of boatspeed to find. Good seamanship can only go so far in a design competition, but I wonder if Ineos are starting to reach the the limits of development of their boat. While possible, I do find it unlikely considering the gains that can and have been made in the past in the cup itself by teams under pressure, notably Oracle. From the latest video posted, their boom arrangement seems cleaner and isn't
  6. I wonder if there’s an advantage in roll tacking one of these things in light semi foiling conditions to help rotate the yacht faster.
  7. I swear down there’s a curse on non French people winning this race. 2000: Ellen MacArthur 2007: Mike Golding 2016: Thomson 2020: Hermann/Thomson And I’m sorry, but the fishing boats KNOW these boats are in the area, they KNOW we can’t see them very well on primary radar. They KNOW they’re on ais, that these skippers probably haven’t slept in the past week or so, that they’re fucking tired and for some haven’t eaten properly in a day or two. Fishing boat needs to take the blame for this. Even if single handed yachts don’t completely satisfy colregs that is a known qua
  8. I said if’ he finishes it will be a podium for Dalin. My predictions were ⅓ correct. Did anyone have success in their Pre race picks?
  9. I have no idea, it's the only reason for that wheel I can come up with.
  10. rudder fine tune probably. IE rudder trim/zeroing
  11. Watch the port and starboar race feeds. The difference is night and day between Prada comms and Ineos comms. They should just have Jimmy be tactician as he's obviously better at it and bruni on the helm.
  12. Nah, they missed a shift an INEOS gained 200m in the span of a few seconds.
  13. I think it's time they started carrying replacement rudders, they seem to be an obvious choice for Ultim's given the failure rate.
  14. Watched the race from the starboard/Ineos feed. Bloody close race, Prada missed a shift/pressure at the end of the 5th leg. Shows what racing with a cleated cunningham is like. Ineos were losing maybe 100m per tack/gybe for pretty much all race.
  15. Gitana is cursed. They amount of stuff they've broken/hit.
  16. Is it possible to get some nice pictures of the new foils? I might have a go at tracing them Giorgio Piola F1 style... it can't be that hard can it?
  17. Fervent Frackers supporter: Winnie the Pooh can fuck right off. Genuinely, may he die a slow and painful death, preferably in an iron maiden or a breaking wheel. I have quite a lot of long time friends in Hong Kong and I will remember my whole life getting a message at 10am from one of them going I've lost something, me responding with what is it, I might be able to get it for you, only for him to go, I've lost my freedom. It was the day the NSL was passed into law. And I genuinely don't care that ETNZ title sponsor is Abdul bin human rights violations or that Ineos is sponsored by well,
  18. Not Ineos, they don't have a big speed advantage but they do consistently make better calls. Might be something to do with the absolutely stacked afterguard that has more medals than some North Korean Generals.
  19. pretty much, but Italians fell off the foils... UK didn't. Bruni/Spithill being silly sausages.
  20. Prada with higher VMG but Ineos with better manouvres. They were consistently gaining a dozen metres or so on each tack/gybe.
  21. RIP Ineos bananas and cooler.
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