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  1. Also, new wing? Or just a new lick of paint?
  2. Well Fuck. But then again they should've known what was coming when they employed an ex Mclaren F1 guy. Black humour aside, that's a proper bummer, I did have doughts that extensive training like LRBAR did outside of Bermuda would lead to them being a bit slow in Bda. Never thought it would be as bad as advertised, Here's hopes R1 will get them out of their misery.
  3. So what happens to Morgan's IMOCA? Sold?
  4. Side question, is BAR's ACC 100% built in the UK or just the front bits?
  5. I think it's actually a pretty smart move considering the shit F1 designers are doing these days... besides I see many similarities between F1 and the current AC cats. Modern F1 cars are almost all about making downforce - the opposite of lift (make a wing, put it upside down=downforce). This is measured in the tonnes, whereas the weight of the cars is measured in kilos. Pretty much the same thing here with foils. The loads are through the roof while the actual weight is titchy. Also, if you know how to make proper downforce, you basically know how to make lift... That's just one of the simila
  6. Instagram, R1 in Bermuda now https://www.instagram.com/landroverbar/
  7. +1 I remember reading an article where Ben EXPLICITLY said that R1 would be launched on the 27th. Can't re-find that article though... They probably will launch - or at least reveal R1 on the 27th, but I don't think they'll actually sail it before the new year. Look at ETNZ, they launched their surrogate but didn't sail it on the same day. Either that or my name's not Raptor.
  8. So what happens to T4? Another museum piece? Holed up in the shed? Or even moar' sailing....
  9. Confirmation of BAR foil tack ~0:28 ? They seem to luff with both foils down, rolling onto the windward foil...
  10. T3 arrived in Bermuda, apparantly the 1st sail is scheduled for the end of the week or the beginning of next week. So what happens to T4? Continue testing in Portsmouth? Going to Bermuda? Or a museum piece? Or even used for joy rides bu rich passengers for extra $$$?
  11. Pretty sure this is T3: You can see a small difference on the wing and jib. Unless BAR change their wings on their boats...
  12. Looking at those foils, I'm guessing they're nice and flat when they're working underwater, with a 787 jet style winglet. Looks rather efficient.
  13. So which one's which. First one to identify the twins gets a cookie
  14. I wonder if we'll ever get some good photos of T4 apart from a facebook and instagram photo, it would be nice see it from a bit closer.
  15. Here's hopes the front doesn't fall off.
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