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  1. The ultim' teams all have permanent bases, all live near each other, have been using the same design concepts (since Groupama 3) for over 15 years and have all the boats built by pretty much one, maybe 2 shipyards and maybe 2 or 3 naval architects. I'd say at this point, economies of scale have pitched in the sense that it would be quite hard to fuck up the design and build of an ultim' given everything that's been done and is known and the fact that their designs seem to be conservative and err on the side of caution and reliability compared to the state of the art. Leaving quite a lot of per
  2. shut up shut up shut up and don't jinx it. We've got a non-zero above average not half arse maybe on a good day not once in a blue moon okay shot at bringing it home this time. Don't steal our hope.
  3. I think that today is the day that we will be able to make conclusions that aren't plucked from thin air on the performance of all the challengers in relation to each other. I genuinely hope that INEOS can keep a clean sheet or at least keep a nice lead. If they're still winning on day 3 then my bet is they're in the prada cup final. If not... then when we'll have to wait and see by how much they're losing and to whom.
  4. I'm not taking anything from today's racing, the weather was so fucking hard that the race was won by the tacticians and not the engineers. In conditions like these, better tactics (and a bit of luck!) will almost always win against a faster boat in conditions like these. I challenge anyone to argue or oppose this.
  5. I think we have to wait for Day 3 then we can make a semi-accurate prediction. I'm, genuinely not sure yet. We'll find out tomorrow.
  6. Hey does anyone have, or remember the link to the video of ETNZ's mad wing sail moving around on its own like a hummingbird in AC35? There's a video around somewhere, but I can't find it.
  7. Great start for UK, woot. Although I will say, in the opening drag race of AM vs INEOS, the Americans had a slight speed edge before the first tack. And I don't think Rita had a real speed edge over Prada, definitely a tactics race. But I will say, they seem to be sailing closer to the wind than the competition. Go Ineos!
  8. Fastest, most expensive fishing instrument.
  9. Gilles Martin-Raget's portfolio is an absolute goldmine. https://www.martin-raget.com/ My favourite is the AC33 album, which includes photos of the dismasting back when dogzilla was still called BOR90. Along with the wing sail controls, BMW engine installation and so on.... Go take a minute on it, maybe even 20 just to look at all this recent AC history.
  10. https://instagram.com/gilles_martin_raget?igshid=gvmverkvzgl6
  11. http://omegataupodcast.net/71-oracle-racings-usa-17/ ^old podcast I found with the executive designer of dogzilla. Very interesting.
  12. Now now... ALL submarines will leak a tiny bit no matter whether they are British, American, Russian.... Now yes, T-boats have had lackluster reliability lately, but that is obvious considering their age and the fact they’re currently being replaced. Why upgrade something thats going to the scrapper in about 5/6 years. Also, the Silent Service hasn’t had an incident like Thresher or Scorpion.....
  13. Race 1: Very surprised at LR's pace compared to ETNZ, it looks like they're dragging a bucket, I don't buy their 'we had problems' too much.... they looked smooth and rock solid. Just slow.... compared to the Kiwis at least. Speaking of which, they were on rails, a demonstration run. Nothing to see. If LR can fix their speed (it could be that they're just sailing a different angle but with a ~1500 m difference at some point, I think it's a bit more than just bad angles) they will certainly be fiesty. Race 2: Amway are a very slick operation indeed. Hard to say how good they are mano a ma
  14. Based on what facts? How many hours of CFD did it take you to arrive at that conclusion dumbarse? We haven’t seen Ineos actually race the boat with zero problems. And the (very) few moments when it was okay, it seemed to have the legs against it’s competitor. Today’s performance is down to bad reliability and less than stellar crew handling. Besides, drawing any meaningful conclusions based on one day of racing is dubious at best, and moronic at worst. Curb your bias.
  15. Congratz on Mclaren on getting 3rd place. Glad to see them making it out of the primordial soup. Bring on 2021 and the return of Merc power. I hope they have integrated it much better than the Renault engine in 2018.
  16. Jesus christ that photo is amazing. I don't think anyone has talked about this: but look at how their mast is stepped. It seems to be completely flush with the deck, unlike all the other teams. With the whole thing rotating on a circular plate thing that rotates accordingly.
  17. Well that’s it for round one of this season. I wonder if Gitana will attempt again. Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.
  18. Pretty sure if they're down to tenth's, even hundredths of degrees the designers have gone fuck it and use minutes of angle. Much more practical when measuring tiny angles.
  19. Course they can. But it costs ££££££. Jeremy Clarkson estimates filming The Grand Tour in 4K as per Amazon demands made the budget incredibly high. I can’t remember the figure he quotes but it was a lot.
  20. Lets hope so. For the sake of their dignity. Big talk here. GO TEAM FRACKER
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