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  1. Problem: how many people have TV's in 4K? Not as many as we think/would like. Until then, 1080p60 is more than enough. Even Iphone 6 and above can film in 4K if configured as such.
  2. Cla Driver Chassis Engine Time Gap km/h 1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Honda 1'35.246 2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Mercedes 1'35.271 0.025 3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Mercedes 1'35.332 0.086
  3. Some broadcast networks have been known to dabble with 4K for some programmes, mainly films. I doubt we'll get 4K AC coverage. Would be nice though.
  4. How fucking stereotypically awesome would that be: "Vegemite Team Australia win the race"
  5. I seriously doubt ground effect is producing any meaningful gains to any of the AC75's, of course it's there, but not nearly as substantial as some anarchists think. If any AC75 has a claim to a semblance of ground effect it's the INEOS b1 barge.
  6. jeez. Imagine what a crewed MACIF could be able to do RTW. 42 days solo.....
  7. Point taken, would make for some epic shots though.
  8. Oh come on, they look like some sort of floating sex toy. Can’t we have bigger and better ones. Like the floating teepees in AC34 or those ones in Valencia where they stuck some photographers on iirc
  9. From a Planet Sail video. Pretty sure this is B1.
  10. Pretty sure you’re simply giving the sail a bit of exta airspeed for a couple of seconds that gives the boat a little boost.
  11. Opinel N.07. Incredibly useful, I never go out in the mountains without it. V. cheap in the Alps as well. Highly recommend.
  12. That’s kind of te job of the jib mate. Jibs make very little power compared to the main as anyone who has ever sailed jib only will know. They act as over sized slats and make the main quite a bit more efficient. Also the jib has a problem if it’s creating vortices. I guess you could have extended battens creating small vortices in the same way the Harrier has vortex generators on its leading edge. (OD mast means you cant add aero fuckery to the mast afaik) but how you would make sure the vortices stay on the right side and swap sides properly without creating the opposite effect seems di
  13. I think Rita 2 would look very good with a sharkmouth or something similar.
  14. i think he will ‘just’ jump overboard like crews do at the start then picked up by a RIB or the helicopter.
  15. Keep the same class. Since ac32 there’s been a different class of boat for each edition. A bit of stability would not go amiss. And fuck OD besides what is already specified. This is the America’s Cup. Not the Olympics.
  16. This^ BP and all the big permanent teams know the score
  17. Late to the party, I think PRB ‘just’ hit a rogue wave, think constructive interference. Wrong place, wrong time.
  18. Didn’t it hit a submerged rock at full chat?
  19. Jesus Christ. I dropped off the face of the earth for around 2 weeks, come back and an IMOCA has only gone and fucking sunk. Forgetting Cheminées Poujolat JuanK? which sunk in rather dubious conditions. What the actual fuck.
  20. I think the naval architects and engineers have a lot of head scratching to do. My opinion is the boat failed when it shouldn’t have. I doubt a skipper of AT’s calibre would have gone through Theta in that way if he didn’t have total confidence in his boat. IMOCA’s are known for being pretty much bulletproof, which is expected considering what they’re built for. Broken rudder from a UFO is just plain bad luck. I wonder if Charal and Kojiro’s technical teams are having similar questions along with VPLP. I think this one of the first VG’s where so many contenders for victory are out o
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