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  1. I think he already is sadly. Keep on marching Darth Vader!
  2. I wonder if one of the boats or both is carrying a spare foil based on what happened during the Brest Atlantiques
  3. It is specifically allowed in these situations.
  4. Lets hope he can carry on racing....
  5. i think we’ve opened up Pandora’s box for a royal rumble of epic proportions here.
  6. Lol, cant tell if serious or sarcastic. If we’re going down this horrible route then this is the answer: they care about winning end of. AC teams don’t care what you look like, where you’re from or what sex you are. They care that you’re the best. That is all.
  7. Pretty sure AMWAY are pretty happy with their bow as well. Italians have some soul searching to do.
  8. Laugh at me if I’m wrong but fly-by-wire is totally allowed.
  9. Very. and Alex Thomson is leading the Vendee. Things are looking up for us Brits right now.
  10. It is slightly rounded at the bow. Could be flatter towards the stern.
  11. As i said in the ETNZ thread, this was done quickly but take a look at the geometry around the foil arms. -skeg is roughly the same size as the INEOS one but more rounded and has some sort of small lip on the edges -It extends all the way back, even the rudder is mounted on it. -floor sweeper. -crew pods nicked from an AC50. To summarise. Amway and INEOS had a baby + flat sides. Also fairings on the foil arms where the foils attach, similar to LR and AM
  12. I think it's fair to say the cat is not out of the bag yet. Also floor sweeper is the new cool.
  13. It's almost as if the skeg has a lip when zooming again. Very complicated shapes round the foil arms. The ski/skeg goes all the way back, further than LR, rudder is mounted on it I think. Clear convergence with INEOS Britannia 2 regarding skeg approach. Very surprised about the slab sides, but they know much better than me. edit: I did this in under 6 minutes. Remember that accuracy that incurs. Someone will do better.
  14. things of note: he tries not to enter the cockpit with his full wet weather gear to keep it as dry as possible. 2 type of bed. The lite™ mattress for these types of conditions and a bigger XXL bean bag for the big stuff and Charlie catching nets in front of the bed situation in case of heavy slamming. I really like his cockpit. Looks much more inviting and spacious than the batcave.
  15. Just goes to show how good the conditions need to be now to even attempt the record.
  16. Lost in translation. It’s a polite way of saying I need to get my skates on.
  17. A very tired Alex. Seatbelts! Whodathunkit
  18. Maybe it’s time to update the OD rig for the newer higher loads for the next VG.
  19. Gabart won with no VG experience at all.....
  20. For the low low price of a million quid. Branding.
  21. Here we go... hopefully no retirements in the days to come.
  22. I second this, on the one hand it’s annoying, on the other imagine the terror of hitting an iceberg. I still think the old system of gates was better.
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