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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEscMHGDq7Dq1kSXn4tSjeg Boris Hermann’s channel. Really nice videos. + video from AT https://youtu.be/e3fNqcdVBec
  2. The Vendee is starting to live up to its reputation. It’s not completely over for Charal, as said above. I really, really feel for Kevin on PRB, that boat has yet to finish a Vendee. I hope he can continue safely.
  3. PRB really has some rotten luck... I really hope he doesn’t retire...
  4. The French are VERY self-centered as a society, to the point that it’s becoming a bit of a detriment. Imo a result of forced assimilation during the 19th and early 20th, up until recently Gaelic names were even banned for those in Brittany.
  5. Yup, but he’s still getting rolled by the leaders of his group if I’m correct; he’s going to have a pretty big uphill battle in the first week or so to stay properly in touch and in striking range of the lead. I’m mightily impressed with Charal and Corum though.
  6. Sounds like he’s taken at least 5 red bulls and multiple dark coffees.
  7. I’m pretty sure he and others have got hearing protection if they’re seeing numbers this high considering their ‘no stone unturned’ approach.
  8. And they’re off, good luck and godspeed to all. Go Alex Thomson!!
  9. It’s going to be tricky in the first few days.... good luck to all and godspeed.
  10. Ineos and Ben Ainslie keep boasting about 'over 50 knots'... they've probably gone near or over 50 knots after a few hairy bear aways in just the right conditions, as have all teams IMO.
  11. I love Loick Peyron, Would be nice to see him do something 'big' again.
  12. Didac Costa IIRC, he left proper a few hours later, Michel Desjoyeaux did the same thing in 2008 and won....
  13. I think they’re being kept rather secret.
  14. I'll tell you one thing. Boat one has been through a lot.
  15. Weather is looking rainy for the start. Probably an upwind start, could be wrong.
  16. Not theyre there. Upper 3rd quarter. Also, start will be live on France 2 or 3 and almost certainly TF1 at 13:02 of course. I also don’t think you need a VPN to watch TF1 online. France TV will most likely have Gabart golden boy commentating.
  17. Maybe it’s like the brabham fan car legal loophole. 51% of its job is draining and the rest of the work done is it’s actual purpose.
  18. That’s the throttle for the mk6 mod. 34 turbo-flux discombobulator
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