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  1. I've apologized to Bob above. I have provided him (and everyone) with the source of the quote, which I saw and took from another (very prominent) posters sig file. As such the quote has *ALREADY* been reproduced, perhaps hundreds of times here, on SA. Trovao has over 7,000 posts. I don't know how long he has been appending this now repudiated quote by Bob Perry to them. I've only mentioned it once, albeit, in a thread title. Still, my bad, and I'm sorry. The first person to call me (and the quote out) was ChuteFirst who said: It's parti
  2. My sincere apologies. I assure I didn't just make this up and attribute it to you, or intentionally misapply or selectively edit something you said, but that is apparently what happened. You know, I had something like that happen to me once on a different forum and it pissed me off no end, because once the misquote was put out there, others took it as true. So, perhaps I've done an inadvertent good thing by bringing this up front and center, whereas it has been lurking in a signature file of another prominent SA poster for a while. I screen shot it, mostly to prove my innocence
  3. I read this quote on another topic: about the death of James Wharram, the pioneering catamaran designer. Well, there are a lot of reasons, I suppose. And I say this as someone who loves multihulls. It seemed like a good question, intended as rhetorical by one of the most esteemed members of SA, but still deserving a response. And I'm sure others can do a much better job than I can responding, so here it is.
  4. Knowing little, but interested in the topic, I was wondering if anyone could comment on the rivalry between the two very old yacht clubs of Barcelona: The Royal Barcelona Maritime Club (RCMB) and the Real Club NĂ¡utico de Barcelona. (RCNB) Now, if Wikipedia is to be believed the RCNB was established in 1876 and is the oldest yacht club in Spain, but not by much. Because the RCMB was established in 1881: Now this raises an interesting philosophical question: is elitism a bad thing or a good thing? In sports "Elitism" tends to imply excellence, whereas in politics it
  5. I bought his wonderful design book, with the descriptions of all the boats, and all the hand drawings of them. Other people's boat drawings are very precise and clinical. His were much more, most of them featuring people lounging around on the boats. And I read the story of his original voyage that started it all -- probably like a lot of people here. I just found the design book in my garage a few weeks ago, and it was still just as fascinating as when I first read it 30 years ago. Like a lot of others have mentioned in various forum discussions the Tiki 21 was my favorite. Not m
  6. That is cool! Which one is your boat? I just grabbed all these off the net, because Sailing Anarchy does a lot better with URL's than uploads! *A belated thank-you to all the people providing images to this thread* And, here's a couple pictures of the missing Mystere 6.0 Aa for specs or history - it's a bit of a mystere ! I think my location in Santa Cruz during the Age of Giants meant that I saw a lot of West Coast manufactured cats: Hobies, NACRAs and Prindles, and not very much of anything else (except I do remember the Supercat 17, but they Su
  7. Stars and Stripes 1988. I think the C-class really developed the wing-sail up to the point that it could be used on Stars and Stripes.
  8. For beach cats, aside from foiling, which is obviously a breakthrough, has the beach cat really changed that much? I can see it both ways. Lots of small changes add up, but also it's not that different? I'd argue that there was more change between the Hobie 16 and the NACRA 5.2 than between the NACRA 5.2 and the NACRA Infusion. And how much difference is there really between the Infusion and the Evolution? The reverse wave piercing bows have made the boats look different, finally. Ye' olde banana boat: 1971 NACRA 5.2: 1975 The modern architecture establi
  9. I was looking at the revived Worrell 1000 site and I see that the race is being held using Formula 18 boats. That's a great choice, and those are some seriously advanced machines. It reminded me though of the excitement of the beach cat scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the Worrell was in full swing and the beach cat market was still much bigger in the USA, with several companies battling for the King of the Beach, and in typical American style - yes, size was a factor! Without further ado: When Monsters Ruled the Beach: the over 18' beach cats of the 1980s and 1990s.
  10. ooops! here is the link. The history of the boat name is pretty interesting, as is the boat itself. It's the first foiler to attempt the record. The Jules Verne Trophy has had two phases: the era of the giant cats which ended around 2010, and since then the trimarans have been the contenders. And now we may be on the verge of the age of foils. http://www.gitana-team.com/en/
  11. The Gitana 17 team is holding (beginning Nov 1) waiting for the weather report they like to set sail in their record attempt. Their web site has a countdown clock on it, and will be the place to monitor the attempt once it is underway. Anyone else keeping an eye on this?
  12. I subscribed to Multihulls Magazine for 10 years, so I remember the occasional proa showing up in there. I think Dick Newick designed one that someone built. The only one I have any familiarity with is the Hawaiian outrigger canoe. And that's mostly from watching the Hawaii Five Oh opening sequence. When they sail outrigger canoes the keep the ama (which is heavy, I know from messing around with the on the beach) always to leeward? And when they paddle it's always on the left (port)?
  13. I'm not sure the sail area comparisons in my little chart above are apples to apples. On some of the other articles about maxi-cats they list upwind and downwind sail area, when neither is specified one wonders which it is. Mast height is a decent proxy. It sees like the shorter (LOA) and wider tris are faster than then cats which have the same size mast. That's a rough generalization. Maybe their are material issues, but it seems like a 100' cat with a 75 or larger beam would be more competitive with the trimarans.
  14. Gitana 17 is awesome, and basically is using the same architecture as IDEC Sport, but adding foils. What an amazing machine. They are currently on standby for their round-the-world record attempt, waiting for the right weather to set sail. It's impressive that they seem to have a very small crew: only 5. So, while we are waiting for the first full foiling record, it's interesting to look back at all the progress made against this record in the last 30 years. The baton was passed from the cats to the tris in 2010. From 1993 to 2010 six boats held the record, five catamara
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