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  1. Hi Hoppy.....about time you turned to broking....what with all the experience you've gained finding your own boat. Well done ! Please consider selling your current boat and take us all through it again
  2. World championships are where it's at . Any competitor can have a shot. No one gets excluded by a selection process by non sailing officialdom..%5ring circus has run its race !
  3. Didn't say they were all bad. It's the priority ,nay,absolute emphasis on the 5 ring circus thats in question. Even Hitler wasn't all bad. He organised the autobahns.The rest of it wasn't flash !
  4. The 5 ring circus has run its race.Pofessionalism has cut its throat. World championships are now where its at. The best sailors usually win...not those selected by a bunch of mostly has been or might have been.Eliminating competition in favour of just one rep. Then the politics of it all add the cost and its not hard to see the demise. Probably this year. Tokyo will probably pull the pin. There won't be any need for more infighting
  5. Back then we had fun learning to sail,much as described above,then we had a race.Not W/L but around the various marks. Then we had more fun. That took many forms but mainly involved us doing our thing while the parents retired to the wardroom. Strangely none of us drowned and a lot stayed on and gravitated to senior classes..The 5 ring circus has largely eclipsed all that with rules ,regulations,supervision and only racing ,racing,racing. WTF
  6. Couta....what's the answer to a question early on. What relationship between B347,the organising club and the arbitrator ? Local vs. out of towner , club vs.club ...you get the gist ?
  7. We just spent 4 days at the Cup. Organisation is superb ,uncharacteristically for Auckland everyone is friendly and helpful and amazingly prices were reasonable in bars and restaurants. We had a great time. Racingvery well done and lots of non sailing people enjoying the spectacle.
  8. Old fox and cunning will overcome youth and enthusiasm !
  9. And Grant Dalton. Granny Herald ran a one sided (IMO) series on how terrible he was/is. I must be terrible too because I 'm really enjoying the spectacle initiated by GD and team..Be interesting to see the Herald suck it up in March.
  10. Up and coming RQYS committee member then......Commodore ??
  11. Yes....at last & the waiting ( for us ) is ,sadly, over. Please sell it soon and kickstart this forum again. It's highly entertaining. Oh and keep us up to date please. Meantime happy sailing.....
  12. It's worth watching for the fabulous vista Auckland presents. Sparkling water,blue sky, golden sunshine,crowds gathering,no covid (fingers crossed) rest of the world looking on enviously. That'll be why the bar switched to hockey where you get to see.....well,hockey ! Only plausible explanation
  13. That's a bit of you Hoppy. Might have to add your personal touch down below ?
  14. That's mainly correct. For the AC it should be the leadmines. But we also need m/h,foilers, and any other go fast ....BUT in another Series ,say like Sail GP. Imagine these foilers racing for a $10 m pot. Call it after the sponsor. That'll drag 'em in with winner takes all
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