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  1. She did have high BP, bit that was from the emergency prem birth. Somehow she hung on for a long long long time. It's hard to bite my tongue. My Dad went way too early, while I was in my early 20s.
  2. The bigger problem is the speed cameras are set to trigger at just 1mph over the limit. I didn't say everything was great about Australia. At least I can do 80 on Texpress around Dallas, and generally around the state. Melbourne freeway limits are 50mph, Victoria state limit is 60, with the exception of one long but relatively minor 2 way highway with a limit of 72. Over the top for sure yes thread drift still. It's Sunday and I just pulled 14 hours work, sorry.
  3. I've lived in the cities, and i have also spent years living in a West Texas town of less than 3k, where half the residents are related to the other half, and has a massive meth issue. I came to the US on behalf of my wife, and yes for business. My clients are very happy that I did. Yes it is a better place for product development and manufacturing than Oz. My US born wife misses Oz greatly. I'm not going to put words into her mouth about TX, or the US in general right now, and she is a rusted on GOP, fairy believer. i'll just say she is not real happy with the US atm.
  4. no - they would rather move than vote for the Dems. I will say that most republicans I deal with (I would be independent) have conveniently chosen to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. When some of my frustrations come up in conversation, they simply cannot believe some of the shit is happening - because they choose to not want to know. About the only people I know who are happy with things are the very very high up pols. All i can say is I dont choose to socialize with them unless I absolutely have to for business, and then it is very reserved.
  5. Sure. Whatever. Even the born in Texas business partners and customers I deal with have just about had enough. Sure is a lot of talk of those getting closer to retirement age planning to get out of dodge. But you dont have to believe me.
  6. I get what you are saying, but reality where I am is closer to what i typed than you, my customers are all over texas, CA, AZ, WA, NM and so on. A lot of driving. A lot of contact with every type of person. And I have done a lot (ifor my own sanity i just wrote out a list of stupid / nde experiences over my 5+ decades in the 'what have i done' thread. I dont have a problem with the flora and fauna at all here. Its the people, the absurd racing on freeways, the random shootings and the shooting of uninvolved people when just one person was targeted in the first place.. Come spend some time
  7. hmmmm, i dont know how the hell I am still alive. - born at 27 weeks, in the mid 60's. Lucky to make it through. - 2 yrs old: dragged ratsak bait trap out from the back of the fridge and had a meal. Hospital visit where the doc tried to make me throw up, so a bit his fingers hard - he needed stitches. - 6 yrs old: 'accidentally' started a fire in an outbuilding while i was in it. Took off fast, lucky to make it out. - 7 yrs old. Stuck my finger in a 240v sewing machine light socket while repairing for mum. Didnt check it was live. Woke up on the other side of the room, havi
  8. Yeah, first advice I was given in the desert parts of Texas (rattlers)...... Never have bare feet / flip flops etc. Always complete foot covering and full length trousers. It's the baby ones that kill you - they latch on and pump away. And of course being Australian, I'm used to walking heavily. I still prefer rattlers around me than aussie tiger snakes, or Irukandji, or wait-a-while, or salty's, or cassowary. But oz doesn't have mountain lions, or black / brown / white bears. Then again the oz dropbears are legendary. In general humans are a hell of a lot safer to deal with in Oz t
  9. Apparently the rocket received the absolute best test result components from the assembly line, delivering above spec lb/thrust ratio.
  10. Not wanting to take away anyone's thunder, but Arianne did such a precise launch they now estimate remaining fuel on the telescope is now 20 years, double the planned 10 years !!!!!!!
  11. If it's in the hole, we drill out bigger for fresh material, then widen out the top with a countersink, then fill with micro fibre filler / poly mix. Larger holes - glass etc. Stuff on the surface though... super sharp new blade horizontally to get the worst, then crud cutter, then 120 grit, 200 grit etc. Our boat is a '73 polyester, so we stay with that, plus we dont have to worry about protective primer on top of epoxy.
  12. I feel your pain. 150 holes on the Irwin 30 so far - but I am about done. Was going to deck paint in this coming spring, but likely delayed for another year. We have decided to kick back the first 9 months of the year, spots and all! Recovery year from last year. But at least silicone does wrap around a drill bit quite nicely.
  13. It does, but I'm not sure he is necessarily wrong in this case (And I detest the man and what he stands for). If I recall correctly i think the figures for Omicron % yesterday was about 35%? - Overall, it would be better for oz if omicron was able to get to 90%+ because the proportional level of hospitalization with omicron is far less - Omicron appears to be almost impossible to stop anyway. China can slow it down with extreme lockdowns, but no other country can reasonably achieve the same. Latest info I have seen (NYC) is Omicron's best targets are those with underlying condit
  14. Well, it seems you are not interested in risk management. I am and have to be for the people and businesses I support. How omicron is performing in other countries and their own specific attributes (infected 2/3 shot, az vs moderna/Pfizer, hospital admittance rates, icu, 12 months death rates fort initial hospital survivors and so much more) is critical for being able to forecast what will happen in the US, with reasonable accuracy significantly ahead of US announcements.
  15. He has encouraged D and Z, but i dont believe he pushed mega dosing. I haven't claimed him to be an authority, but he researches the way I would and used to research covid 19 (if i now had the time). So confirmation bias, in my case, is along the lines of he does what i used to do informally for a network of companies I support. I view him as an aggregator of recent stats and preprints that appear to form a consensus. - Have you found a better aggregator that provides near daily updates of delta / slash omicron in multiple countries? - Why the focus on 'how many men' - as
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