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  1. Potentially good news. It turns out Omicron may be much ado about nothing. Early indications are that the symptoms are fairly mild. https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/safrican-doctor-says-patients-with-omicron-variant-have-very-mild-symptoms-2021-11-28/ It may turn out to be more transmissible, but the large number of mutations appears to destabilize the virus which may make it less "fit" than Delta. At least that is what is mentioned in this article: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/omicron-covid-19-cases-mild-so-far-leading-experts-say
  2. Recent Reuters article about Merck saying Molnupiravir is less effective than previously reported. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/merck-says-covid-19-pill-cuts-hospitalization-death-risk-by-30-2021-11-26/
  3. I believe they are referring to the I-Punkt scandal where up to 250 litres of illegal water ballast was being used on the upwind legs: http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2013/08/i-punkt-admirals-cup-1985-and-1987.html
  4. IIRC, there was a period of time when the rule said the torso had to be inside the upper lifelines - or words to that effect. Below are a few of the top boats at the '78 3/4T Worlds - Sachem and Hagar as well as the winning Pendragon. Everyone is inside the lifelines - at a World Championship. Not a disadvantage - because everyone had to sail that way.
  5. I am guessing Glory. But I would have thought her keel wasn't that far forward.
  6. My guess is their retort would be along the lines of "but that was when I was a child and not allowed to make a choice". Or "I was forced to be vaccinated by my Nazi parents/school - (insert adult authoritarian figure here)
  7. Oh yeah - forgot about that. Although I have to say I prefer a wider bridgedeck than the one on the 850. I like at least a boot length of clearance if at all possible. But on a 28 footer - things can be pretty tight.
  8. The Feeling 850 and Elite 30 (and a couple of other Kiries in that size range) were all derived from Free Lance, but with different LOA and rigs. However, the boat in the photo is almost certainly an Elite 30 - not a Feeling 850. The 850 was about 2 ft shorter with an LOA under 28' and had a more vertical truncated transom. Below is a promo photo showing an 850 in the foreground with an Elite 30 next and Free Lance in the background. The second photo is a stern shot of an actual 850 I was looking at a few years ago and you can see how wide and flat the truncated stern is c
  9. There is a CF-27 in SA classifieds named Menace - asking $2500. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/owner-14/ Oddly enough the boat is in Mississippi - I don't know why anyone would pay the trucking charges to get a 27 footer from SoCal to MIssissippi - unless it was a really special boat. IIRC, Connor's Menace was black as well. Looks well taken care of and DC had optimized that boat to the nine's and many many hours fairing the bottom and foils - although that was also many years ago, so who knows if the bottom is still in that condition. Anyways, for anyone in a light ai
  10. Speaking of Canvasback - Runaway, her bigger and slightly older Kirby sibling apparently sold recently. Runaway was on the '81 Canadian AC Team For the young'uns. BITD...the only AC was Admiral's Cup.
  11. That one has me stumped. Too big to be L'Effraie - the French Mini-Ton Cat Sloop which managed to sail through pretty much the same loophole as Cascade. Anyway, below is L'Effraie at the '78 Mini-Ton Cup, which she won BTW.
  12. I talked to some of the guys sort of involved with this the day after the boat arrived in the yard and they said there was some rot that needed addressing. We were outside looking over the hull so I assumed they meant the areas where the varnish had peeled I talked to JR the other day, and I got the impression talking to him that the bilge area needs some work rather than the topsides. So he will fix that and do some additional reinforcing with UD S-Glass. Also will be glass coating the exterior. Turns out the boat was not free - more of a marketing ploy I think to garner interest
  13. I'm guessing you're looking at Starbuck - the Black Soo for sale. Anyway, there is a similar thread here in SA from just a few days ago: Might be worth a read - but consensus is that there is little or likely nothing you can do to stop leaks from a keel stepped mast. But there are a few tips to mitigate the issue.
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