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  1. My problem with Dr. Fauci's statement is it seems like the old "which came first - the chicken or the egg" thing. Does the (assumed high) level of virus in the nasopharynx result in "breakthrough disease" - or do those with "breakthrough disease" display the same level of virus as an unvaccinated infected person. Fauci seems to be implying the former. Or maybe it's simply that every symptomatic case (vaccinated or not) displays the the same level of virus in the nasopharynx.
  2. True, there was no know pre-symptomatic spread, but there was evidence of asymptomatic infections. This 2005 study indicates asymptomatic cases represented 13% of all cases, which is low for sure - but still existed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3371799/ And again, I have never come across anything more than speculation as to why SARS disappeared. Almost every article I've come across says they do not know.
  3. The difference though is that with SARS a vaccine was never developed - and no one seems to know exactly why SARS mysteriously flamed out. No evidence I am aware of that SARS had trouble finding hosts - while far more lethal, SARS infected and killed relatively few people. Almost no one would have had any degree of immunity to SARS.
  4. My guess is the skegs were due to the largish bustles that were thought to be favourable under the RORC rule (RORC hull measurements and length calcs were a precursor to IOR) which carried on into the early days of IOR. It wasn't until guys like Bruce Kirby and Doug Peterson started integrating a spade rudder with a smaller skeg and Ron Holland started putting a spade rudder under the bustle that the skegs started disappearing from IOR boats. Before that, even Carter's designs like Ydra had skegs. Bu if you look at the launch photo of the C&C Red Jacket below which predates all
  5. Sucks to be at the "Centre of the universe" I guess. Out on the Left Coast there is no such thing as 2 months use - and last time I checked we were still part of Canada. I can see a smart seller willing to take a haircut on the selling price right now to get rid of the boat before fall, but I doubt many are willing to drop their shorts on the listing price just yet, which is why I found it odd. But yes, it will take time for inventory to build and there still isn't much in the way of decent boats listed. I probably should have titled the thread "Is it finally Starting to h
  6. There is another possible reason for the difference. Israel vaccinated exclusively with Pfizer. In the UK, I believe Pfizer was reserved for the most at risk. Others got AZ. A friends brother is an MD in the UK and he and his wife got double AZ although not by choice. As it turns out the adenovirus vaccines may be better than the mRNA ones in dealing with the variants. Why? Studies have shown that while the mRNA vaccines generate a better antibody response - the AZ (and other adenovirus vaccines) elicit a better t-cell response and that t-cells are somewhat less susceptible
  7. At the outset of the pandemic, there were several threads about how boat prices were going to drop. Of course we know the opposite appeared to happen - inventories of boats for sale dried up and used boat prices went up. I was going through Yachtworld tonight and noticed a LOT of recent price drops. Some small, some significant. So is this the beginning of a downward shift in prices? And this is still in the sort of busy season. Come the fall, who knows how much they could drop. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my imagination?
  8. Generally speaking adding boom length works wonders on many early IOR designs. IMO, in the early days of IOR the designers got carried away with ribbony high AR mains. I think designers thought increasing upwind efficiency was the way to go. If anyone took the time to see how IOR formulae for calculating RSAT worked, it would become quickly apparent it treated mainsail area very lightly. I sailed on an old Peterson 35 back in the late 70's. It was stiffer than the newer local Petersons but had a slightly shorter stick and couldn't match them in the light stuff. Ended up adding
  9. Something to consider folks, this is not your typical Holland IOR boat. This is PNW legend "The Fabulous Hagar" being offered up for free - subject to a few not unreasonable conditions. Basically to be a good steward of the boat. Here she is below in an undated photo:
  10. 9 knots under sail in thick fog? Not impossible I suppose - but the best I think I've managed racing in thick fog was maybe 3-4 knots at best.
  11. Actually, Canada is no better - glass houses and all: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/07/13/canada-has-let-thousands-of-astrazeneca-vaccine-doses-expire-and-thousands-more-soon-will-why-one-expert-calls-that-a-moral-failure.html
  12. This is probably irrelevant to Americans since AZ has not been used or approved - but for the few of us Canucks who got the AZ first followed by an mRNA perhaps the variants will be less of a concern so perhaps a booster will not be required. Why? Studies have shown that while the mRNA vaccines generate a better antibody response - the AZ (and other adenovirus vaccines) elicit a better t-cell response and that t-cells are somewhat less susceptible to loss of immune recognition against viral variants than antibody responses Anyway, the article is here: https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/
  13. Yes, WTF is up with that? And it's not like it was an owner mod, Kaufman's deck plan below shows it that way as well. Could be mechanical or structural issues, but I will hazard a guess that it is market driven. As much as I like the looks of her - who would possibly buy this boat? A racer? IOR boats are long past their best before date and pretty much guaranteed that the sail inventory is pooched, so what another $30-40k for a bare bones inventory? A PNW cruiser? Huge interior, but the deck plan is not conducive to short handed sailing or entertainment. I couldn't imagi
  14. I always get tempted by these sorts of deals - but the cost of maintaining is above what I want to afford. Plus finding a slip would be extremely difficult if not impossible locally for at least 5 years. I figure 35 ft LOA is my max and preferably smaller
  15. Unfortunately, this one was getting into the era of the "pop top" boats - with the collapsible cabins. I seem to recall a photo of a custom Dubois or Humphreys QT with a shallow cockpit extending from stern to bow with a pop top cabin.
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